‘Live shopping’ is on the rise in Indonesia, but the country’s government plans to crack down on the trend

'Live shopping' is on the rise in Indonesia, but the country's government plans to crack down on the trend

Read this story in Indonesian/Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian beauty specialist Richard Lee made $800,000 in less than three hours selling his skincare products in a live shopping stream in August. “We aimed for 2 billion [rupiah] in two-and-a-half hours but we got 8 billion [rupiah] instead!” said Dr Lee, in a recording of the stream posted on … Read more

TikTok Shop reopens in Indonesia but supplement sales still below pre-closure volumes

Sales of FMCG and beauty products, however, have seen their sales surpassing pre-closure levels, according to Indonesia e-commerce market research firm Compas.co.id. It noticed that while TikTok Shop has reopened, the dietary supplement category experienced a notable decrease in sales quantity, down by 38 per cent as compared to the period before closure. TikTok Shop … Read more

Trade Minister Spills Local Beauty Product Transactions Hit US$1bn

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesian Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan, popularly known as Zulhas, revealed that local beauty products have been contributing significantly to the country’s revenue, as measured by the value of transactions. “This is a big [amount]. The value of transactions made by this [beauty industry] is almost US$1 billion. That means Rp16 trillion. That’s a … Read more

New social commerce regs a blow for ‘seamless’ buying experiences

In the last couple of years, the South East Asian region has witnessed a remarkable boom​ in social commerce. However, it has not been without its challenges. For instance, many platforms lacked a seamless integrated payment system​, creating inconvenience for customers and sellers alike. Having native shopping features was Bytedance-owned TikTok Shop’s biggest advantage in … Read more

The inside scoop on how Southeast Asian shoppers are scoring the best deals on Lazada

ENJOYING GREATER OPTIONS Indonesian homemaker Yuliana Rahman, 24, has been a loyal Lazada customer since 2019. Shopping on the platform gives her a respite from the demands of housekeeping and childcare. It is also an avenue for her to purchase the items she needs for her hobbies and self-care regime, such as singing, cooking and … Read more

She built a startup that raised millions, shares 3 tips

Launching a startup without any business experience may be daunting. But that didn’t stop Chrisanti Indiana — who was just 24 years old when she co-founded Social Bella.  “You have nothing to lose, that’s actually the benefit of starting young,” Indiana, now 31, told CNBC Make It.  The Indonesian beauty and personal care retailer has … Read more

Millennial’s beauty startup Social Bella raised over $225 million

When the Covid pandemic was raging in 2020, much of the world was in lockdown and more turned to online shopping. But Chrisanti Indiana did the unexpected: she expanded her e-commerce business — offline. Her beauty and personal care e-commerce startup, Sociolla, had just two brick-and-mortar stores in Indonesia in 2019. By the end of … Read more

Southeast Asia’s Internet Giants Bet on ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’

Some of Southeast Asia’s largest internet companies are trying to boost their revenues with an old-fashioned business: lending. Buy now, pay later services have picked up pace in Southeast Asia as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Grab Holdings Sea Ltd. and GoTo Group are all offering their customers short-term loans to help them pay … Read more