How To Reset & Reconnect, This Nyepi Day

TIMESINDONESIA, BALI – Every year, on the day following the new moon in March according to the Balinese Saka calendar, the whole island of Bali observes a day of meditation. Known as Nyepi Day, all lights and sounds are turned off, traffic is stopped, and everyday life is put on hold so that everyone can enjoy peace and quiet, an opportunity to pause and appreciate the world around us. Take advantage of this great chance to experience the distinct culture of Bali and the allure of this island, whether you decide to remain on the island or not. Have a restful, meaningful stay over the Nyepi holiday at either Hotel Tugu Bali or Hotel Tugu Lombok, really soaking in the serene, spiritual atmosphere of the resorts, while enjoying the award-winning Indonesian spa treatments, delicious dining options, and the beautiful sparkling sea view of Tugu Lombok and lush tropical gardens & lotus ponds of Tugu Bali.

For a noteworthy experience, you may arrive early at Batu Bolong Beach and enjoy the exhilarating waves also to join in the wonderful spiritual Melasti cleansing ceremony at the famous Batu Bolong temple, which is just a few minutes walk from the hotel. This ceremony’s objective is to cleanse the human body (Bhuwana Alit) and the entire earth (Bhuwana Agung) of harmful or evil spirits. And take part in the famed Ogoh-Ogoh procession, which takes place all throughout Bali on the eve of Nyepi Day.

Hotel Tugu Bali sheds light on the romantic past and rich culture of the island of the gods, which is frequently overshadowed by urban development. Spend the day exploring the hotel like a time traveler and take in the priceless artworks that adorn its walls. Walking through the tropical lotus pond that floats out of the Puri Le Mayeur Villa, dedicated to the passionate love story between a Belgian painter, Le Mayeur, and his muse, a beautiful and famous Legong dancer, Ni Polok; admiring arts and antiques from the nineteenth century as well as some antiques related to the local historical war-Bale Puputan room, and visiting a 300-year-old authentic Kang Xi period temple at Ji Bale Sutra; these are just a few of the highlights on how you can take a break from your routine and be culturally inspired. 

Discover the delicious array of Balinese, Javanese, and Peranakan cuisine at IWA Restaurant, located beneath the lofty and spectacular dome of a 15-meter-tall majestic Balinese hall decorated with mythological Balinese statues that are guardians of the Balinese gods and guard against the evil spirits.

If you wish to experience something different this Nyepi Day, hop on a quick flight or boat ride to Hotel Tugu Lombok, a secluded paradise on earth bordered by kilometers of pristine white sand beach & turquoise waters where turtles play among the corals. Enjoy a serene haven at the award-winning Hening Swarga spa, where you may unwind with a wonderful treatment that stays true to the Indonesian secrets of longevity and beauty that have been practiced for centuries. With its spectacular vista of the sea and a green tropical palm tree paradise, the temple’s rooftop is an ideal location for a session of yoga or meditation while the temple tower features exquisite Singhasari and Majapahit sculptures.

Take full use of your time at Sire Beach taking in the scenic beauty, sipping afternoon tea on the beach, or refresh yourself with water sports like snorkeling, paddleboarding, and swimming in the clear, warm water of the sea. After lengthy walks on the white sand beach and a romantic dinner beneath the stars, cap off your brief holiday in your outdoor rainforest tub while listening to the sounds of dancing waves. For a true unforgettable experience, book a trip on one of the majestic boats, Naga Mesem or Dewa Ruci out for a journey through the epic dawn and sunset rides.

Nyepi Day Retreat at Hotel Tugu Bali 

Stay packages include:

  • Daily lavish breakfast

  • 30% off at Waroeng Djamoe Spa 

  • One-time dinner for two

  • Signature afternoon tea

  • Free kids’ activity on Nyepi Day

  • Free extra bed & breakfast for one child under 10 years old

Starting from IDR 6,530,000++ for 2 nights stay  

Nyepi Day will take place on March, 22nd – 2023 

Nyepi Day Getaway at Hotel Tugu Lombok 

Stay package include:

Starting from IDR 2,200,000nett/ night

Nyepi Day will take place on March, 22nd – 2023

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Pewarta : Bu Kris (CR-101)
Editor : Dhina Chahyanti

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