Cosmetics have until 2026 to comply with new law

Cosmetics have until 2026 to comply with new law

All international halal cosmetic products that have not been certified in Indonesia, or by an accredited overseas agency, will be viewed as non-halal. Issued under Regulation 31/2019, the compulsory halal labeling law will be carried out gradually over five years and initially applied to food and beverage products, which must comply by October 17, 2024. … Read more

New social commerce regs a blow for ‘seamless’ buying experiences

In the last couple of years, the South East Asian region has witnessed a remarkable boom​ in social commerce. However, it has not been without its challenges. For instance, many platforms lacked a seamless integrated payment system​, creating inconvenience for customers and sellers alike. Having native shopping features was Bytedance-owned TikTok Shop’s biggest advantage in … Read more

D2C ‘best strategy’ but firms must clear tricky hurdles

Indonesia boasts the largest population in the South East Asian region with over 268m people, making it also the fourth-largest population in the world. While the size of the market can be daunting, cross-border shipping has lowered the barriers to entry for cosmetics companies. “The best strategy to penetrate the huge Indonesia market is going … Read more