What Makes Wavemaker Indonesia the ‘Most Wanted’ Media Agency in Indonesia?


This year marks exactly three years since Amir Suherlan became the new managing director of Wavemaker Indonesia replacing Ajay Gupte. His leadership has resulted in Wavemaker Indonesia further expanding its horizons since this appointment. During the last two years, Amir Suherlan has made great strides towards building a strong and reliable team, starting with recruiting … Read more

How LUX Tackles Beauty Shaming and Female Confidence with Scents, Music and Bollywood Drama

  How does the act of cleansing empower women? As a ritual, washing with water is seen as a symbolic and spiritual act of purification and renewal. As a daily routine, it is both about hygiene as it is about the deeper meaning of cleansing. It’s about self-care and, importantly, about creating valuable time for … Read more

Wavemaker Indonesia Launches Fully Integrated Media Solutions Exclusive for L’Oréal Indonesia

Wavemaker Indonesia launched a fully Integrated Media Solutions ‘Beauty Tech Labs’ last Wednesday, July 13th, 2022, at WPP Campus. This launch was attended by the 107 BTL team and our client from L’Oréal Indonesia to witness and celebrate the massive growth of this team. It started from a team that only consists of 20 people … Read more