Keep Indonesia Peaceful –

Keep Indonesia Peaceful -

The following article was translated using both Microsoft Azure Open AI and Google Translation AI. The original article can be found in Jaga Indonesia Damai SETWAPRES/BPMI The figures who are part of the Conscience of the Nation Movement met with Vice President Ma’ruf Amin at the Vice President’s Palace on Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan on … Read more

Building a New Decade of Sino-Indonesian Relations

Recently, I came across an interesting story on the internet that reflects the development of China-Indonesia relations. A resident of East Java named Andi lost his job due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but was able to find employment again after joining a fleet of ice cream vendors organized by a Chinese company. Andi’s monthly income … Read more

Indonesia’s Significant Role at COP28

The following article was translated using both Microsoft Azure Open AI and Google Translation AI. The original article can be found in Peran Signifikan Indonesia pada COP28 My visit to the fruit-rich organic villages in the foothills of Mount Merapi almost a decade ago was the first time I experienced the great potential of Indonesia … Read more

Driving Teacher, Leader of Change in Indonesian Education

Optimism about the future of Indonesian children is at least visible in the story about the ins and outs of their process of participating in the Teacher Mobilization Program. Their involvement in Indonesia’s educational transformation process and efforts to become drivers of change for the surrounding environment shows that the goals of the Teacher Mobilization … Read more

Immortalising the Unapologetic Beauty of Peranakan Culture

After a four-year long hiatus, the Peranakan Museum reopened its doors to the world once again. The museum is the world’s first and only museum dedicated to Peranakan culture, a culture indigenous to the Southeast Asian region and famous for its delicious food, colourful ceramics and intricate textiles.  In 2019, the National Heritage Board announced … Read more

Radio LBB: Roots Vol. 28

Now into its sixth year and the 28th edition. For the uninitiated the Roots playlist showcases an eclectic range of music from across the globe of unfamiliar, forgotten, or recently discovered, to the most upfront sounds of now, all with the common theme of being rooted in Africa. Some of the highlights this time round … Read more

What Makes Wavemaker Indonesia the ‘Most Wanted’ Media Agency in Indonesia?

This year marks exactly three years since Amir Suherlan became the new managing director of Wavemaker Indonesia replacing Ajay Gupte. His leadership has resulted in Wavemaker Indonesia further expanding its horizons since this appointment. During the last two years, Amir Suherlan has made great strides towards building a strong and reliable team, starting with recruiting … Read more

How LUX Tackles Beauty Shaming and Female Confidence with Scents, Music and Bollywood Drama

  How does the act of cleansing empower women? As a ritual, washing with water is seen as a symbolic and spiritual act of purification and renewal. As a daily routine, it is both about hygiene as it is about the deeper meaning of cleansing. It’s about self-care and, importantly, about creating valuable time for … Read more

Wavemaker Indonesia Launches Fully Integrated Media Solutions Exclusive for L’Oréal Indonesia

Wavemaker Indonesia launched a fully Integrated Media Solutions ‘Beauty Tech Labs’ last Wednesday, July 13th, 2022, at WPP Campus. This launch was attended by the 107 BTL team and our client from L’Oréal Indonesia to witness and celebrate the massive growth of this team. It started from a team that only consists of 20 people … Read more