Indonesian’s evolved self-care habits open opportunities for brands

Nearly 60% of Indonesians say looking good makes them feel confident. 

Brands may bank on the evolved self-care habits of Indonesians, Mintel Global Consumer Research reported. 

Mintel found that 59% of Indonesian consumers say they feel more confident when they look good, which could open opportunities in areas, such as skin health. 

“Similar to food and drink, the beauty category is intended to be uplifting and can contribute to a post-pandemic sense of self-care, including wellness at every life stage,” KinShen Chan, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst, South APAC, said. 

“Beauty supplements with functional benefits are considered a skin health promoter which can be easily integrated into consumers’ beauty routines.”

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As Chan expects self-care to continue evolving, brands are likewise expected to have more honest conversations about topics, such as hormonal issues.


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