Benefits of super fruit rambutan for skin, hair and overall health

You may have often spotted a red, furry fruit on your visit to the local fruit vendor. The odd-looking fruit known as rambutan is often consumed by people around the world for its many health benefits. Native to the Malay-Indonesian region and certain other regions of Southeast Asia, the medium-sized tropical tree belongs to the family Sapindaceae (lychee, horse chestnut, etc). The hairy fruit is creamy and loaded with nutrients that are good for your overall health.

Rambutan contains a considerable amount of vitamin C, copper, iron and several other minerals that provide benefits to the skin, hair and bones. 100 grams of rambutan contain about 84 calories. A single serving of this fruit has 0.1 grams of fat, and 0.9 grams of protein. 100 grams of this fruit also contain 40 per cent of vitamin C and about 28 per cent of iron which is very beneficial for one’s overall health.

Benefits of rambutan for eyes, skin, hair & more

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Rambutan is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and prevent any ailment that they might cause. These include cancer, inflammation, and even heart disease. The abundance of certain vitamins and the delectable taste make this fruit a must-have on one’s plate.

Rambutan’s benefits for eye health

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Vitamin A is necessary to keep your eyes healthy. Its deficiency can cause mild complications and affect the health of the eyes. Eating rambutan will keep this problem away. This tropical fruit is loaded with vitamins A and C which are very good for your eyes.

It can keep anaemia away

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Anaemia is a very common problem amongst menstruating women. In this condition, a person feels very weak because of excessive loss of erythrocytes. Rambutans can be an efficient remedy to keep anaemia at bay. The fruit has loads of iron in it which helps in the creation of erythrocytes.

Rambutan’s benefits for weight loss

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One of the most amazing benefits of eating rambutan every day is that it can help in weight loss. Eating the fruit keeps you full for a longer time and you don’t feel hungry unnecessarily. It also helps in regulating the digestive process and ensures that a lesser amount of carbohydrates are converted into fat, furthering the weight loss effort.

It improves heart health

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Rambutans are rich in fibre which can potentially reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Hypertension and high cholesterol levels can also damage the heart, but eating this fruit every day can ensure that these problems are in check and your heart is healthy.

How rambutan benefits hair

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Pollution and direct sunlight may result in the formation of dangerous free radicals that may damage hair follicles and cause hair loss. Rambutan can help you keep your hair healthy. The Vitamin C present in the fruit helps in thickening and growing hair. The antioxidant-rich fruit also helps in strengthening the follicles and the hair roots.

It can boost your energy

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Rambutan is consumed by people for its many benefits including its energy-boosting properties. The furry fruit contains rich amounts of both carbohydrates and proteins. The body requires these nutrients for energy. The natural sugars in the fruit also help boost energy.

Eating rambutan may prevent cancer

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Our unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits are the very reason why there are so many cases of cancer worldwide. The free radicals that enter our body destroy the system by introducing cancer cells. Curing cancer or even detecting it at an early stage is very difficult. Consuming fruits like rambutan may prevent cancerous cell formation. The huge amount of antioxidants in the fruit may help in eliminating free radicals from the body.

Rambutan’s benefits for fertility

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For couples who are attempting to get pregnant, eating rambutan can be very beneficial. The fruit is loaded with Vitamin C which is essential for healthy sperm generation. The risk of virility or infertility can be reduced by consuming this fruit. Since it is also rich in iron, rambutan is an amazing snack for pregnant women as it helps in maintaining haemoglobin levels.

It is good for the bones

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To maintain good bone health, one needs to consume a good amount of calcium and phosphorus. Hence, rambutan is very advantageous as they are loaded with these nutrients. If a person eats these fruits every day, they also have a lower risk of developing bone conditions like osteoporosis.

It ensures enhanced skin health

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Eating fruits in general has many benefits, and adding rambutan to the mix will also ensure you have glowing skin. The fruit has high water content and vitamin B3 which helps in keeping the skin smooth and moisturized. The vitamin C in rambutans prevents oxidative damage which can lead to the formation of acne, wrinkles, and other skin diseases.

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