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Published March 20, 2023

In the heart of Seoul, Gangnam, DA Plastic Surgery continues to lead the Korean plastic beauty industry. DA has its 12-story building with two basement floors which houses plastic surgery, dermatology, examination labs, surgery rooms, wards, recovery rooms, and post-operative care. With the latest medical equipment and facilities, DA provides clients with systematic medical professional services.

To match the global society, there are health coordinators that speak fluent English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Mongolian, and more. Clients from overseas are always treated with the utmost care by DA Plastic Surgery.

As part of its efforts to provide better customer service, DA Plastic Surgery has built a client safety-first system and has consistently undertaken academic activities. A new campaign for foreign customers has been launched after COVID-19, various promotions have been conducted, and the company plans to provide better services as a result.

In particular, specialized equipment such as air shower booths, VIP hospitalization rooms, and chest ultrasound treatment rooms was also newly renovated to strengthen segmented and specialized premium medical services. Based on active and in-depth research, we are providing customized treatments that can increase the value of medicine. In addition, the building of DA Plastic Surgery Clinic is equipped with auxiliary facilities such as cafes and pharmacies for the convenience of its clients.

With the establishment of a safe medical system, a wide range of treatments, surgeries, and procedures can be safely carried out such as facial contouring, jaw surgery, eye surgery, nose surgery, chest surgery, lifting, anti-aging, hair transplant, and dermatology procedures. Nine anesthesiologists are residents to monitor the entire process in real-time, ensuring patient safety and security. As a result, DA has received significant acclaim in Korea as a professional integrated system medical institution that attracts top celebrities and royal families.

In addition, to enhance customer convenience, specialists in various fields are responsible for the entire process, from consultation to post-surgery treatments and management schedules.

Moreover, DA Plastic Surgery Clinic we are devoted to providing after-care services necessary for faster recovery which includes, round-trip pick-up services from the airport and back in a comfortable single professional vehicle with a skilled professional driver, post-surgery swelling care, shampoo service, immunity-enhancing vitamin IV and pain-free injection, high-frequency treatments, university hospital-level high-quality hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Lee Sang-woo, CEO of DA Plastic Surgery Clinic, said, “We will continue to deliver the best medical techniques, honest treatment, and ceaseless research to accurately identify customer needs and create beauty in the world beyond Korea.” 

Information and inquiries related to DA Plastic Surgery can be checked through the homepage and representative phone number for each language region.

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