Enjoy the Beauty of Putri Island

The air is fresh, the sky is clear, and the morning sunlight is slightly orange refracting on the remaining ripples of the calm waves touching the shoreline.

This is no less than Labuan Bajo, I see many beautiful and beautiful beaches

The natural atmosphere of the beach on Putri Island, Seribu Islands, brought Micel Prisilia’s desire to dive in and snorkel to enjoy the underwater charm of this tourist island.

“I snorkeled to enjoy the charm of coral reefs and hundreds of ornamental fish in the sea. This is very beautiful,” said the 38-year-old woman who is called Lia.

She admitted she enjoyed the panorama and atmosphere of Putri Island which is calm, comfortable, and beautiful. Moreover, the beauty of this island in Harapan Island Urban Village, North Seribu Islands Sub-district, is beautiful like other beach tourist locations in Indonesia.

“This is no less than Labuan Bajo, I see many beautiful and beautiful beaches,” said an employee of a private company in the South Jakarta area.

She went on holiday to Putri Island with several friends, using a speed boat, about an hour away from Marina Ancol Beach Pier. The cost of a holiday to Putri Island was quite affordable. So, it was very suitable as an alternative vacation, eliminating fatigue and daily work routines.

“The three of us take part in a two-day and one-night tour package, the price is less than five million. The facilities we received were what we paid for,” she concluded.

Yoko (39), one of the Putri Island caretakers uttered that tourist facilities on this island are constantly being updated and added, starting from tunnel aquarium, swimming pool, display aquarium, terrarium, tennis court, glass bottom boat, sunset cruise, restaurant, and cottage.

Tourists who visit Putri Island can do various activities, such as banana boats, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, swimming, and sunbathing on the sandy beach.

To enjoy the beauty of Putri Island, the party has prepared a round trip and overnight tour package for Rp 1.5-2.6 million per person, including speedboat accommodation from Marina Ancol and other inclusions.

“We provide the best for tourists,” he stated.

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