Explore Pahawang Island, Presents Different Beauty for Tourists

Minggu, 19 Februari 2023 – 15:09 WIB

VIVA – Indonesia has many beautiful attractions. Not only is Dewata Island, but there is also Pahawang Island in Lampung. It comes with different beaches and underwater beauty that can attract local and foreign tourists to visit this tourism.

To visit Pahawang Island, tourists have to travel one hour from Ketapang Village, Bandar Lampung. They can also stay overnight because there are many Inns here. In fact, it’s not just ordinary lodging, tourists can also feel the pleasure of staying above the sea.

This island also let tourist do snorkeling, they will see a lot of clown fishes here and the extraordinary beauty of marine life.

A tourist named Andre from Jambi City told his experience of visiting Pahawang Island, he said that even though it was far away, he did not regret visiting this beautiful island.

“I traveled from Jambi to Bandar Lampung for 16 hours and when I arrived, I was very surprised to see the beauty of the sea before going to Pahawang Island and it was cool,” he said when met on Thursday.

Andre added that people on Pahawang Island have delicious culinary catering, “Not only the beach, the people of Pahawang Island also provide culinary catering for lunch and dinner, and tourists who enjoy these dishes are only for those who stay in the Pahawang villa,” he explained. 

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