Key lessons for marketers from L’Oréal Indonesia’s ecommerce journey | Marketing

Key lessons for marketers from L’Oréal Indonesia's ecommerce journey | Marketing

Until a few years ago, building out a robust ecommerce business was lower down on the list of priorities for Umesh Phadke, president director for L’Oréal in the Indonesia market. While the cosmetics giant had built out a strong business there, it was based almost entirely on offline channels and ecommerce accounted for just a sliver … Read more

D2C ‘best strategy’ but firms must clear tricky hurdles

Indonesia boasts the largest population in the South East Asian region with over 268m people, making it also the fourth-largest population in the world. While the size of the market can be daunting, cross-border shipping has lowered the barriers to entry for cosmetics companies. “The best strategy to penetrate the huge Indonesia market is going … Read more

Indonesian Firms Lead The Under 30 Asia Startups Fueling Regional E-Commerce

Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2022 Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2022 With a population of 274 million and a growing tech-savvy middle-class, Indonesia has an increasing appetite for consumption. Last year, the Indonesia Statistics Bureau stated that household consumption contributed 54% of the country’s $1.2 trillion in gross domestic products. Digital consumers are growing … Read more