Ministry supports Sail Tidore through air transportation connectivity

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Directorate General of Civil Aviation at the Transportation Ministry supported the connectivity and accessibility of air transportation for the 2022 Sail Tidore on November 24-29, 2022, in the Tugulufa Beach Area, Tidore City, North Maluku.

“Sultan Babullah Airport in Ternate has prepared adequate capacity support for the arrival of Sail Tidore participants in 2022,” the ministry’s acting Director General of Civil Aviation, Nur Isnin Istiartono, stated in Jakarta, Saturday.

Istiartono noted that the Sultan Babullah Airport had readied services for arranging parking stands for the Indonesian Presidential aircraft, Air Force, Navy, and non-scheduled flights for VVIP, VIP, and other guests.

Currently, Sultan Babullah Airport has a runway length of 2,300 x 45 meters that can serve Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320 type aircraft, an apron area of 10,800 m2, and a passenger terminal covering an area of 9,600 m2, he noted.

The airport serves air transportation services from and to Ternate – Jakarta, Ternate – Makassar, Ternate – Ambon, Ternate – Manado, Morotai – Ternate, Ternate – Labuha, Ternate – Gebe, Gebe – Sorong, Ternate – Mangole, Ternate – Galela, and Ternate – Sanana routes.

“We hope that these flight routes can help the public and tourists to visit and enjoy the 2022 Sail Tidore,” Istiartono stated.

The 2022 Sail Tidore is the 12th Sail Indonesia event, which is an international shipping activity in the Indonesian waters, by bringing international sailors, with the aim of introducing and promoting the regional potential, natural resources, and domestic culinary arts and handicrafts from North Maluku.

The beauty of Ternate Island and Tidore Island will become an attraction to boost the local economy, with the arrival of foreign and domestic tourists.

“We hope that the support of air transportation will facilitate the implementation of the 2022 Sail Tidore. Our job is to guarantee the safety, security, and comfort of air transportation service users for visitors through the Sultan Babullah Airport,” Istiartono stated.

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