Taiwan Tourism Reopens, Targeting 150 Thousand Indonesian Tourists

Perjalanan Taiwan

Selasa, 28 Februari 2023 – 14:30 WIB VIVA – After the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan began to relax entry rules for foreign tourists, also the government continues to carry out tourism promotions. “After the three-year pandemic, Taiwan tourism promotion again to increase and trying to establish close relations between the Indonesian and Taiwanese tourism industries,” said Taiwan Bureau Director, Chou … Read more

PT TIMAH Tbk : MIND Group Submits CSR for Essential Oil Development

MIND Group Submits CSR for Essential Oil Development to the Provincial Government of the Bangka Belitung Islands BANGKA BELITUNG — BUMN MIND ID Mining Industry Holding, or Mining Industry Indonesia, which consists of PT Aneka Tambang Tbk, PT Bukit Asam Tbk, PT Freeport Indonesia, PT Inalum (Persero), PT Timah Tbk and PT Vale handed over … Read more

Expert Says Most Earthquakes in the World Come from Indonesia

Kamis, 8 Desember 2022 – 12:50 WIB VIVA – Indonesia is one of the countries with extraordinary beauty in every region. Unfortunately, this red-and-white country also has many natural disaster risks, one being an earthquake. It was conveyed by the Head of the Disaster Risk Education Center (DRRC) of the University of Indonesia, Prof. Dra. Fatma Lestari, … Read more