Taiwan Tourism Reopens, Targeting 150 Thousand Indonesian Tourists

Selasa, 28 Februari 2023 – 14:30 WIB

VIVA – After the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan began to relax entry rules for foreign tourists, also the government continues to carry out tourism promotions.

“After the three-year pandemic, Taiwan tourism promotion again to increase and trying to establish close relations between the Indonesian and Taiwanese tourism industries,” said Taiwan Bureau Director, Chou Shih Pi when met at the 2023 Taiwan Tourism Outlook event on Monday.

On the other hand, Taiwan is targeting at least 150 thousand tourists from Indonesia to visit, “Before the 2019 pandemic, there were 230 thousand Indonesian tourists to Taiwan and now that it has just opened, it is hoped that we can reach the target of 150 thousand tourists,” Chou said.

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Meanwhile, Chou Shih Pi revealed, Taiwan has natural beauty, and a tourism-friendly environment, and its people are also known to be friendly. This is the choice and consideration of countries in Southeast Asia to travel to Taiwan.

“The Taiwanese government is trying to attract Indonesian tourists by introducing Taiwan tourism to travel partners,” he said.

Moreover, he also revealed that the government made it easy for Indonesians to process tourist visas to Taiwan. One of them is by providing additional vouchers such as 5 days 4Gb internet vouchers to buy one get one HSL ticket vouchers so tourists who come to Taiwan are more comfortable.

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Regarding tourist visas, this has been facilitated by the government, “Now, there are many programs that facilitate visa applications,” said Chou Shih Pi.

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