Expert Says Most Earthquakes in the World Come from Indonesia

Kamis, 8 Desember 2022 – 12:50 WIB

VIVA – Indonesia is one of the countries with extraordinary beauty in every region. Unfortunately, this red-and-white country also has many natural disaster risks, one being an earthquake. It was conveyed by the Head of the Disaster Risk Education Center (DRRC) of the University of Indonesia, Prof. Dra. Fatma Lestari, M.Si., Ph.D.

“Indonesia has an extraordinary diversity of disasters. The largest earthquake in the world and the third highest frequency in the world that has liquefaction,” Prof. Fatma remarked during the organizing Garnas Buana 2022 at Borobudur Hotel Jakarta.

“Our task is not easy but we need to collaborate. Also keep in mind that Indonesia’s population is the 4th largest in the world, when a disaster occurs it has more challenges,” she added.

Representative of DRRC University of Indonesia, Prof. Dra. Fatma Lestari

According to Prof. Fatma, internationally, around 80 percent of earthquakes come from Indonesia. Therefore, to face this condition, Then, Prof. Fatma reminded us to collaborate.

One form of collaboration is realized by organizing the National Earth and Disaster Guard (Garda Buana) 2022 program. This program was also initiated by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) through the Directorate General of Regional Administration with support from the Disaster Risk Reduction Center (DRRC) expert team from the University of Indonesia.

“Indonesia is a beautiful country, we also face various disasters in this country. Garnas Earth and Disaster were born today to appreciate, and reward the frontlines who are always ready to be pioneers, protect lives and reduce the impact of disasters,” Prof. Fatma explained.

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