‘Live shopping’ is on the rise in Indonesia, but the country’s government plans to crack down on the trend

'Live shopping' is on the rise in Indonesia, but the country's government plans to crack down on the trend

Read this story in Indonesian/Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian beauty specialist Richard Lee made $800,000 in less than three hours selling his skincare products in a live shopping stream in August. “We aimed for 2 billion [rupiah] in two-and-a-half hours but we got 8 billion [rupiah] instead!” said Dr Lee, in a recording of the stream posted on … Read more

TikTok Shop reopens in Indonesia but supplement sales still below pre-closure volumes

Sales of FMCG and beauty products, however, have seen their sales surpassing pre-closure levels, according to Indonesia e-commerce market research firm Compas.co.id. It noticed that while TikTok Shop has reopened, the dietary supplement category experienced a notable decrease in sales quantity, down by 38 per cent as compared to the period before closure. TikTok Shop … Read more

Is K-Pop Indonesian political parties’ latest tool to entice young voters? – Lifestyle

Yohana Belinda (The Jakarta Post) Jakarta   ●   Tue, March 21, 2023 2023-03-21 08:53 0 d5259e4d93052b0e76bee70b052fcc23 1 Lifestyle blackpink,political-ads,social-media Free Some Indonesian political parties are including K-Pop-inspired social media and events in their campaigns, yet the reception is divided. Recently, political parties have been on social media about giving away tickets to Blackpink’s BORN PINK … Read more

Indonesian Nutrition Association president on tackling obesity in the country

Dr Luciana Sutanto is the latest guest on our NutraChampion podcast.  Dr Luciana Sutanto The clinical nutrition specialist is especially concerned about the problem of obesity in the country, although the Indonesian government has also listed other health issues, such as anaemia as areas of concern. “The government has listed four nutritional problems, lack of … Read more