10 Most Beautiful Islands You Must Visit Once In Your Life

10 Most Beautiful Islands You Must Visit Once In Your Life

The Maldives It has become the hotspot for Bollywood celebs, and as travel and tourism experts point out, the island is worth the hype. Stay in an over-water villa for a quintessential Maldives experience. Bali One of the 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is a beautiful island that you must visit. Be it … Read more

Top Asian Destinations With Visa-on-Arrival For Indian Travellers

Destinations This summer, explore the best of Asia at these countries that offer a hassle-free visa experience to travellers from India It is that time of the year when our travel mood boards are in the works, destinations are being chalked out, and bookings are being made. But if you’re planning to hop on a … Read more

Destinations Travel Experts Return To Again And Again

Travel lovers typically strive to visit as many different places in the world as they can. But some destinations are so special that even the most adventurous travelers can’t help but return again and again.  Whether a place possesses breathtaking landscapes, a rich history, unbeatable cuisine, welcoming locals or all of the above, there are … Read more

Seven Countries Join the JCS Minangkabau 2023 Event

Senin, 6 Maret 2023 – 11:30 WIB VIVA – A total of 228 participants from seven countries, namely Indonesia, China, the Netherlands, France, Latvia, Laos, and Thailand participated in the Jelajah Cycling Series or JCS Minangkabau 2023. The start of this event was marked by the release of the start flag by the Deputy Governor of West … Read more

Meet the football team floating to success in Thailand

SCENES shines a spotlight on youth around the world that are breaking down barriers and creating change. The character-driven short films will inspire and amaze as these young change-makers tell their remarkable stories. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. According to FIFA, the international football governing body ‘The beautiful Game’ … Read more

Here are five budget-friendly international destinations you can visit

For many people, travelling serves as more than simply a kind of recreation; it is a requirement to sate irrational cravings. Travelling abroad is exciting, delightful, and, most importantly, adventurous. The budget is the most crucial factor to take into account while selecting a holiday. Planning a trip on a tight budget can be difficult, … Read more

Thai firm Jamulogy on mission to introduce Indonesian jamu to the world

Heralding from the Malay Archipelago, ‘jamu’ uses various herbs and spices native to the region, such as tamarind, turmeric, ginger, lemongrass and cloves, which are then added flavours such as passionfruit and bottled. Now the brand Jamulogy is hoping that its innovations can suit the global consumer taste bud. “I think it’s the right thing … Read more