Here are five budget-friendly international destinations you can visit

Check out these international destinations you can travel on a budget

For many people, travelling serves as more than simply a kind of recreation; it is a requirement to sate irrational cravings. Travelling abroad is exciting, delightful, and, most importantly, adventurous. The budget is the most crucial factor to take into account while selecting a holiday. Planning a trip on a tight budget can be difficult, … Read more

Thai firm Jamulogy on mission to introduce Indonesian jamu to the world

Heralding from the Malay Archipelago, ‘jamu’ uses various herbs and spices native to the region, such as tamarind, turmeric, ginger, lemongrass and cloves, which are then added flavours such as passionfruit and bottled. Now the brand Jamulogy is hoping that its innovations can suit the global consumer taste bud. “I think it’s the right thing … Read more