Indonesian diplomats laud India’s rich culture at G20 Working Group meeting


Indonesian diplomats Endy Kami Immanuel Ginting (Consul Protocol & Consular, Indonesia) and Dian Hayati Syamsuwir Kibe (Officer Economic, Indonesia) who were part of the first meeting of Development Working Group (DWG) under India’s G20 presidency lauded art and culture by Indian artists exhibited in Mumbai. Describing India’s rich culture, Endy said, “My … Read more

Here are five budget-friendly international destinations you can visit

For many people, travelling serves as more than simply a kind of recreation; it is a requirement to sate irrational cravings. Travelling abroad is exciting, delightful, and, most importantly, adventurous. The budget is the most crucial factor to take into account while selecting a holiday. Planning a trip on a tight budget can be difficult, … Read more