Indonesian diplomats laud India’s rich culture at G20 Working Group meeting

Indonesian diplomats Endy Kami Immanuel Ginting (Consul Protocol & Consular, Indonesia) and Dian Hayati Syamsuwir Kibe (Officer Economic, Indonesia) who were part of the first meeting of Development Working Group (DWG) under India’s G20 presidency lauded art and culture by Indian artists exhibited in Mumbai.

Describing India’s rich culture, Endy said, “My experience is very good. India offers very natural hospitality for all foreigners here. I have seen some handicraft goods — which are very good, introducing Maharashtra’s rich culture and the relationship between Indonesia and India.”

The Indonesian Consul Protocol & Consular said he is here to attend the DWG meeting of G20, which India hosted this year after Indonesia hosted it last year.

Speaking about India’s G20 presidency, Endy said “I think it’s very nice, Indian tradition is very nice, very rich and I am sure this is not only in Maharashtra but in many other states, and cities — they have their own culture which is very very rich — just like Indonesia — multiple cultures and languages.

India, which recently took up the G20 presidency, has a crucial year coming ahead for its global ambitions.

Global challenges including the war in Ukraine as well as the serious concerns posed by the aftermath of the pandemic are aspects that India’s presidency predominantly would be focusing upon.

Meanwhile, Dian lauded Indian music and shared her connection with it, highlighting maestro AR Rehman and Bollywood King, Shahrukh Khan.

“I can go on talking about Indian music. Let me be honest with you, my favourite composer is AR Rehman — for the first time I listen to his song — Mumbai — from there on until now I have been a big fan of Indian songs. I cannot say about Tamil and all because Bollywood is like a king in Indonesia — I am talking about Shahrukh Khan. It’s like I got to know music from him, AR Rehman and Shahrukh Khan. When I came to India I saw the musical instruments and it gives some kind of urge that this is the country. I had this connection with India, so those people who are fond of music, something to do with your soul — come to this country — to India and experience the beauty of music because I can guarantee that you cannot find this kind of beautiful instrument in another country, even my country.”

Dian also spoke in Hindi, thanking Indian hospitality and said that Indians are charming and lovely and said that she was an Indian in her last birth.

“Thank you so much, bahut bahut dhanyavad, aap Indian log bahut hi dildar hai, pyara hai. Shayad main pichle janam Indian thi, bahut accha laga yahan,” said the Indonesian Economic Officer.

The theme of India’s presidency had earlier been revealed to be ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam — One Earth, One Family, One Future, which illustrates India’s motto of collectively responding to the immediate global challenges that faces the world.

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