Shifting the industry away from unrealistic beauty standards

To learn more about how idealised standards can affect the way people feel about themselves, Merz Aesthetics surveyed over 3,200 individuals across 11 Asia Pacific territories in 2018 to uncover their thoughts about beauty, self-worth and aesthetics treatments.

The results were intriguing, Mr Siow shared. “While self-confidence levels have improved over the last decade, we found that 70 per cent of men and women surveyed lacked confidence in themselves and their appearance. Up to 50 per cent surveyed even found it difficult to pay themselves a compliment due to cultural norms and societal definitions of beauty.” 


Upon this discovery, the company decided to challenge existing beauty norms and empower consumers to define beauty on their own terms. Thus, the Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey (MASJ) – a campaign to transform the way society perceives beauty by sharing inspiring stories of ambassadors – was launched.

Five MASJ ambassadors from Asia Pacific were selected: Thai fashion icon K Guitar Patinya; Filipino-American actor and entrepreneur Tony Labrusca; Indonesian actress and fitness influencer Ismi Melinda; Filipino-British actress and philanthropist Bela Padilla; and former model Michelle Hon from Singapore. The ambassadors had overcome personal struggles and learnt to embrace their individuality without conforming to society’s standards of perfection.

In Ms Hon’s case, the 42-year-old candidly shared the difficulties she faced in her early years of modelling. “One client would absolutely love me while another would comment on my weight. I developed a thick skin and learnt that what people think of you is just an opinion. It doesn’t affect my self-confidence unless I let it.”

Today, Ms Hon is a celebrated mom-preneur who successfully juggles family and a thriving career in supporting other mothers in building their online businesses. She credits the help of aesthetic treatments in helping her look good, feel good and live her best life. 

To attain your own beauty goals, it is important to work with a trusted medical aesthetics professional to first align your expectations, then develop a customised treatment plan for safe and effective results. 

Said Mr Siow: “With our range of innovative, non-invasive and hyper-personalised products, doctors can adjust the treatments for their patients’ unique skin needs and support them in their journey to create their own definition of beauty.”

Unlock your confidence and discover your unique beauty with Merz Aesthetics. 

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