Indonesian glass bridge that shattered, killing tourist, was just 1.2cm thick

JAKARTA – The Banyumas City Police have discovered that the glass flooring on a bridge that shattered at a tourist destination in the Limpakuwus pine forest in Banyumas regency, Central Java, Indonesia, on Wednesday was extremely thin, measuring only 1.2cm. 

Commissioner Agus Supriadi, head of the criminal investigation unit at the Banyumas City Police, said in addition to the thin glass layer, the onsite investigation had found potential negligence by the management of the bridge at The Geong tourist attraction.

“The workers who conducted the testing lacked expertise in construction. They relied on their experience in the tourism industry,” he said.

The investigators found that the bridge had not been properly maintained and that there had been no safety testing. Additionally, there were no safety nets around the bridge, no warning signs and no safety instructions. The ticket attendants also lacked knowledge of visitor safety procedures.

The accident took place on Wednesday, resulting in one death and one injury when the glass bridge shattered beneath a group of visitors.

Four people were on the bridge taking photos at the time of the accident, with two others holding onto the bridge’s frame. The incident has added to concerns about safety and sustainability at the country’s tourism destinations.

“The government should reconsider building similar tourist attractions,” Mr Chusmeru, a tourism expert at Jenderal Soedirman University, said on Thursday. The government has to prioritise safety in such projects, he urged, adding that structures such as glass bridges can also compromise the natural beauty of tourism sites. JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

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