Indonesian pilot comforts Palestinian passenger in viral video

Yahoo News Singapore

A video showing an Indonesian pilot offering comfort and support to a Palestinian passenger has touched hearts on social media.

What happened: The video, which was posted by the passenger on TikTok, shows the Indonesian pilot greeting people around the cabin when he came across him. After learning he was from Palestine, the pilot gave him a hug.

The pilot then knelt in front of him, looked in his eyes and said, “With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice for you, Al-Aqsa.” In response, he said “God willing.”

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Reactions: The passenger goes by the handle @mahmoud_abdallall on TikTok. His video has gone viral with over 11 million views and has been reposted on other platforms.

“Indonesia always stands for Palestine,” one TikTok user wrote.

“We are like flesh and blood, once one hurts, the other one feels,” another commented. “That’s the brotherhood the Prophet left for us.”

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Similar comments appeared on X. One user declared Indonesians as “one of the kindest people on Earth.”

“That’s beautiful,” another X user wrote, with another one stating, “I felt that hug.”

State of war: Israel and Hamas reportedly agreed to a four-day truce and an exchange of prisoners. The ceasefire begins Friday at 7 a.m., local time.


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