UV skin care boom in South Asia

In both India and Indonesia the market for UV skin care products is extremely active. It all started with improving basic offers with lighter textures adapted to climate and promising “no white cast” – one of the biggest issues reported when using sunscreen, especially for darker skin tones.

However, today’s brands are coming up with innovations to offer a more valuable experience of sunscreen: unique ingredients, skincare benefits, practical formats…

Key trend 1 : Protection + skin glow + anti-dark spot action

One of the hottest topic in UV skin care in South Asia : sunscreen with skincare benefits that focus on providing a glowing skin and fight against dark spots while providing long lasting protection and skin comfort.

Indian derma brand The Derma Co launched C-Cinamide Radiance Sunscreen Aqua Gel With SPF 50 & PA++++, Vitaminc C and Niacinamide gel-based sunscreen focusing on providing even-toned and glowing skin. By introducing buzzing skincare ingredients Vitamin C and Niacinamide in the formula, the brand makes sure to attract Indian skintellectual consumers obsessed with healthy glow.

Even established international brands like Pond’s are renewing their ranges with latest Serum Boost Sunscreen Cream SPF 55 Niacinamide C, a powerful skincare product that combines the benefits of a serum and a sunscreen. It effectively protects the skin from sun damage, while also fading dark patches and giving a brighter, even-toned glow.

Key trend 2 : influence by North Asia – Hybrid with MUP

Following Korean and Japanese influence, multiple UV products have become not only an ally for the skin (with oil-control, brightening, anti-acne formulas) but also part of the makeup routine. Japanese brand Biore launched UV Fresh & Bright SPF 50/PA+++ Instant Cover in S.E.A, a new sunscreen that has a light coverage effect that can disguise pores & can be used as a base makeup and evens out the skin. It is also water-resistant but still easy to clean with soap.

With the trend of tone up UV care remaining super popular in Korea, Thai brand 4u2 has released Everyday Tone Up UV Gel SPF50+ PA++++ that not only acts as a shield to protect the skin from pollution, dust, PM 2.5, including sunlight, but also has 4 different shades covering all skin types: Super Clear – colorless suitable for all skin types, Sheer Yellow – beige to camouflage dark spots, Rose Tinted – A pink color that adjusts the skin to a bright, pinkish look and Bright Purple – A purple color that adjusts dull skin.

Key trend 3 : fragile zones – eyes and lips

As South East Asia consumers are becoming more familiar with UV protection, they are also looking to protect more fragile areas like eyes and lips, known to be extremely sensitive. Indonesian brand BASE launched the first UV protect eye cream in Indonesia with double benefits: UV protection and eye care, made from vegan ingredients that have been scientifically tested to lighten and reduce dark circles, while reducing the appearance of eye bags.

Healthy juicy pink lips are promoted as an ideal in Thailand, prompting the boom of products both to protect against sun aggression and to provide de-pigmenting action, such as new brand Lip It by cosmetic retailer Karmart that launched Lip It Everyday Sun Balm SPF15 PA++. It prevents lips from sun exposure and avoid dullness/ Enriched with concentrated vitamin E and cocoa butter, it provides relief to dry lips, and with grape extract, it leaves lips beautiful and healthy pink.

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