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Mon, February 6, 2023


To start the year, PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia (Mazda’s official Indonesian trademark-holding agent) showcases exclusive anniversary editions of their two signature products, the Mazda CX-5 and the Mazda 6.

Coinciding with the company’s 6th anniversary, in celebration, they are introducing the special-edition New Mazda CX-5 EMI 6th Anniversary edition in very limited quantities. Utilizing a all-wheel drive (AWD) system, this CX-5 line arrives with the rhodium white color, which is part of a new collection of takumi-nuri (painted by a master craftsmen) paint technology.

On Feb. 1, 2023, as Mazda Indonesia’s sole brand distributor, PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia celebrates our 6th anniversary of collaboration with the launch of the new CX-5 AWD in the new premium color of rhodium white,” said Ricky Thio, managing director of PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia.

Rhodium white is a pure shade of white that is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in simplicity and the absence of excessive elements. Furthermore, the soft particles of the paint emphasize shadows on the surface of the vehicle, giving the rhodium white a refined metallic texture.

For reflective layers in the paint coating, Mazda utilizes a method where they carefully apply their paint, which contains shards of very thin aluminum that are highly reflective, to get a precisely uniform coating thickness, which then dramatically shrinks in volume when it goes through the drying process. This creates a reflective layer that is very thin, around 0.5 micron or about 7 percent of the typical thickness of a reflective layer.

Additionally, Mazda also achieves a hand-painted look to their finish because of the smooth alignment of aluminum shards within the reflective layer. The whole surface shimmers when exposed to light, and presents a realistic metallic texture. The individual aluminum shards are distributed evenly and in parallel across the undulating surface of the car body, creating a shiny-yet-calm look when hit with light, even though the rhodium white is a bright shade of white.

Besides being coated in the newest line of takumi-nuri special paint, the New Mazda CX-5 6th anniversary is also fitted with the brand new i-Activ AWD system. Running over 200 calculations per second, the innovative i-Activ AWD determines the distribution of torque that is ideal between the front and rear wheels, enabling adjustments that are quick and responsive, ensuring better and more stable movement.

Mazda believes color is an essential element that provides beauty to the form of a vehicle for its enthusiasts. Because of that, it is introducing two new colors that are being released in very limited quantities, exclusive to consumers who really appreciate the importance of color that enunciates dynamic and delicate expression that aligns with the Mazda design theme, namely: Kodo – Soul of Motion.

The artisan red premium, also from Mazda’s unique takumini-nuri paint technology, was developed to widen the world’s view of the color red. Being one of the colors that symbolizes Mazda, also serving as the final evolution of the takumini-nuri soul red premium, which was released 10 years ago, and as a mark that signals the birth of Mazda’s flagship sedan, the Mazda 6, 20 years ago.

“The launch of these two new colors highlights Mazda’s optimism toward the condition of the economy and the automotive market in Indonesia. This year marks the year where Mazda Indonesia starts their focus on products that put forward the 7G philosophy, products that are instilled with luxury, comfort and have cultural value wrapped in the Japanese 7G philosophy,” added Ricky Thio

Since its release, the Mazda 6 has undergone two model revisions, with the purpose of achieving universal points in the essential needs of a car, and to consistently realize “driving pleasure”. This variant of the Mazda 6 will be a limited edition product, only for Indonesian customers.

In this new edition, the New MAZDA 6 20th Anniversary edition comes in two variations, namely the sedan and estate models; Mazda also implements an enhancement in the performance side of the vehicles, the driving-support functionality and an increase in the safety systems alongside the aforementioned new coat of artisan red premium metallic paint. This coat of paint also happens to be the fourth special paint that utilizes Mazda’s unique takumi-nuri painting technology and is combined with a new exclusive interior: with a special seat headrest embossed with the 20th Anniversary logo, a tan-colored instrument panel/door trim, nappa-tan leather seats, instrument-panel decorations with a matte-chocolate coloration, all exclusively found only in the 20th Anniversary model of the Mazda 6.

OTR price of Jakarta New Mazda CX-5 EMI 6th Anniversary edition i-Activ AWD® Rp 705,500,000 (US$46,825.88).

OTR price Jakarta New Mazda 6 20th Anniversary sedan or estate, Rp 706,600,000.

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