Top 10+ Most Beautiful Indonesian Women 2024

In Indonesia, it’s not always easy to find these pretty women. Check out the list of the 10+ most beautiful Indonesian women in 2024.

The Most Beautiful Indonesian Women 2024

The women in Indonesia are some of the most beautiful in Asia. The girls in Indonesia are pretty and cute. Some people say that the women in Indonesia have some of the most beautiful bodies in the world. Girls in Indonesia are pretty well-liked by their peers. The women are held in very high regard by some social groups in Indonesia.

The Most Beautiful Indonesian Women are a unique mix of races, cultures, and skills, which makes them an important part of the country’s rich fabric.

Indonesian Women’s bBeauty


It’s a good thing that Indonesian women have big eyes and mouths. With so many eye shadow choices to choose from, you can be creative.


The noses of most Indonesian women are big and not as pointy. To make it look better, people often use shading on the right and left sides of the nose, but this looks like too much work.

To change how you shade, try using a makeup that is lighter than the skin to make the shadows or a white cream on the center line of the nose. The way, which starts at the top of the nose and goes between the eyes, finishes at the bottom of the nose.


Malaysians and Indonesians tend to have wider cheeks and cheekbones that are not too high. To do this, put blush on the part of the cheek and drag it up to the bottom of the eye. So, your cheeks will look bigger and more set.


Even though our skin is mostly brown, that doesn’t mean we have to wear brown lipstick. Stop making fun of people’s skin color like that. Bright colors, like pink or even red, can also make you look beautiful. Most importantly, don’t forget to put lip gloss in the middle of your lips to make them look fuller.

Skin look

A lot of Indonesian women aren’t happy with the color of their skin. Another country, though, is jealous and wants skin like ours. Indonesian women want to look more white, but they don’t like how foundations that are lighter than their skin make them look. Sometimes they even make them look like clowns and not natural.

Top 10+ Most Beautiful Indonesian Women 2024

1. Penevita Pearce

Penevita Pearce

Occupation: Successful actress, has been in ads around the world

Toya Pearce is one of the most beautiful women in Indonesia. Kendal, in the middle part of Java, is where she was born in 1992.

Before she turned 16, she was a model. Now, she’s one of the most famous models in the world. Some of the big fashion names that Pearce has been in ads for are Burberry and Michael Kors. In addition, she has been in a number of TV ads, such as ones for Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, and L’Oréal.

Penevita Pearce

Oli Pearce is an Australian investor who is married to Pearce. The couple has two children together. Pearce is a natural representative for Indonesia, and he works on many charitable projects all over the country.

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2. Dinda Hauw

Occupation: Actress whose first movie got good reviews

Dinda Hauw is a rising star in Indonesian show business, praised for her amazing ability and stunning good looks. She was born on February 6, 1995, in Bandung, Indonesia. Her first movie was a big deal, and her career quickly became known for its promise.

The movie “Dear Nathan,” which came out in 2017, was Dinda Hauw’s big break. Positive feedback from both reviewers and audiences was given to her performance as Salma, a young woman navigating the complicated worlds of love and friendship. The movie’s success made Dinda look like a good actor in Indonesian movies.

After a great start, Dinda Hauw has continued to shine in many more movies, solidifying her reputation as a bright actress. Her captivating presence and ability to show real feelings on screen have made her a highly sought-after talent in the business.

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3. Anggika Bolsterli

Occupation: First role in the soap series “Fly with You”

Angika is a type of beauty that got her good looks from both Indonesia and Switzerland. She was born in 1995, and at age 21, she is already a big deal in the Indonesian movie business.

Angika is one of the most beautiful Indonesian girls and probably the most sought-after woman in Indonesia. She is both a local beauty and a beauty from another country.

She became popular for her unique beauty after her first role in the cleaning soap opera Fly with You. In addition, she has been in FTV movies like “Do Not Take My Husband” and “So Blue Pupils.” Acha is his most recent movie, which came out this year. I Want to Be Cinta.

4. Manda Cello

Manda Cello

Occupation: Model and soap show and movie actress

Manda Cello is a famous and skilled Indonesian actress and model who has made a big name for herself in the entertainment business. She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on November 2, 1990, and first worked as a model before becoming an actress. Manda quickly rose to fame and became a sought-after performer in Indonesian entertainment thanks to her stunning good looks and amazing acting skills.

Most people know Manda Cello for her great work in several soap shows. People all over the country are captivated by her ability to bring a wide range of characters to life with depth and feeling. Some of her most memorable parts were as the main character in hit soap operas like “Bidadari” and “Cinta Mati.” Her natural charm and ability to make people feel good have won her a lot of fans.

5. Alexa Key

Alexa Key

Occupation: A well-known singer and actor in music videos

Alexa Key is an Indonesian artist who is famous for having great singing and playing skills. She was born on December 1, 1996, in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has wowed viewers with her wide range of roles in both movies and music.

For Alexa Key, the path to fame started in music, where her beautiful voice and songwriting skills made her famous. She became a rising star in Indonesian music when her first song, “Aku Kangen Aku Rindu,” became a huge hit right away. Her later albums have continued to receive praise, solidifying her position as a well-known singer.

6. Acha Septriasa

Successful actress and singer with platinum hits

People in Indonesia knew her for the way she dressed next door as a woman. She was born in 1989 and her real name is Jelita Septriasa. She has been a lively singer and actress since she was a youngster. People often think she is her sister because she looks so much like her and is also an artist.

First, she started working as a model. He or she was also in the teen magazine Gadis. What role do you play in the movie Apa Artina Cinta? It brought him a lot of fame. After that, she got a job again in the movie Coronary Heart, where she acted with her boyfriend at the time. As a singer, she put out her first record, which her husband produced. It also has two songs that have gone double platinum and are big hits around the world.

7. Natasha Wilona

Natasha Wilona

Occupation: Award-winning actress in TV shows and movies

This beauty just turned 18 years old. This Indonesian star comes from a Chinese family. Natasha became well-known after her part in the RCTI TV show Anak Jalanan. In 2008, when she was eight years old, she made her acting debut in a drama movie made by Kharisma Multivison Plus. A lot of cleaning soap operas like Rajawali and Yang Masih Di BawahUmur have had her in them.

TV movie Hadiah Terindah was his first one. It played on SCTV. A lot of awards are given to her every year, like the 2016 Girls’ Pop Awards for Best Actress. The summer breeze, relationshit, and rumah pasang are some of his other works.

8. Ratna Kharisma Adzuna

Ratna Kharisma Adzuna

Occupation: Known for her parts in movies and soap operas

Ratna Kharisma Adzuna is a famous Indonesian actress who is known for how well she can play roles in soap operas. She has made a big difference in the world of TV dramas since she was born on March 26, 1992, in Bandung, Indonesia.

Ratna got her start in the entertainment business when she was young and realized she loved playing. She worked on her acting skills and then made her acting debut in an Indonesian soap opera. Her performance there quickly made her famous for being very interesting. She is a sought-after actress in the genre because she can show a lot of feelings and connect with people.

9. Sekar Sari

Occupation: The lead part in the critically acclaimed movie “Siti”

This Indonesian actress, Sekar Sari, became famous and praised for her outstanding performance in the highly acclaimed movie “Siti.” He was born on May 25, 1990, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Sekar has become one of the biggest stars in Indonesia’s movie business.

Sekar Sari’s big break came when she played Siti in the Eddie Cahyono-directed movie with the same name. The 2014 movie showed the struggles of a poor Javanese woman, and Sekar’s performance as the title character was both moving and true to life. Her great performance in “Siti” won her many awards, including the prestigious Citra Award at the Indonesian Film Festival for Best Leading Actress.

10. Yuki Kato

Occupation: Soap show actress who has won many awards

This 21-year-old actor is both Indonesian and Japanese. Her mom is Indonesian and her dad is Japanese. She became well-known after appearing in the cleaning soap opera PrimataCantik with Irshadi Bagas and Esa Sigit. After playing the lead role in the series Coronary Heart with Ranty Maria, he became the most famous person in the world.

She was also able to work with Raffi Ahmad and LaudyaChintya Belta in Arietta’s homes. He has won a lot of awards for how well he performs. In addition to performing, she has also tried her hand at music, with her first song appearing on the My Coronary heart OST.

And More Beautiful Women in Indonesia:

11. Raisa Andriana

Occupation: song writer and singer

Raisa is one of the most beautiful women in Indonesia. She sings and writes songs in Indonesian. She has a strong voice and has done shows all over Indonesia and other places.

Raisa has also put out a number of records and worked with other singers. Young girls look up to her, and her music encourages people to be kind.

12. Qory Sandioriva

Occupation: performer and winner of beauty pageants

In Indonesia, Qory Sandioriva is one of the most well-known and beautiful women. She has won beauty pageants and is an actor. The 17th of August 1991 saw the birth of Qory Sandioriva in Jakarta, Indonesia. She won the title of Puteri Indonesia 2009. At the moment, she holds the youngest title in Puteri Indonesia’s history.

In Conclusion

Indonesia is an island country in Southeast Asia that is known for its volcanoes, beaches, woods where elephants and tigers live, and Komodo dragons.

Aside from that, most girls in this country are as good as angels. Amazing things about Indonesia aren’t just limited to its landscape; they also include the people who live there. Without a question, Indonesian girls are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

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