Dian Sastrowardoyo Reveals Secrets Of Staying Beautiful And Young Awet At 41 Years Old

JAKARTA – Dian Sastrowadoyo admits that still looking beautiful at the age of four is not easy. For the mother of two children, continuous consistency is needed to take care to keep her young.

One thing that needs to be realized, said Dian, should not wait for the face to be damaged. He revealed his secret in protecting his face, which many people admit has Indonesian beauty.

“So, maybe if there are many friends who ask, ‘Actually, what is the secret, Ms. Dian, how can you look young even though you are old?’, actually the secret is one, take care of our face before there is a problem,” said Dian Sastro at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta on Thursday, June 8.

Dian also said that the use of facial care products that he had done since he was young helped him to keep his face shining to this day.

“So, I actually took care of that face from the age of 20. So, don’t be lazy, start faster, early, early, to be able to never stop glowing or be clean and shine onwards,” said Dian.

“Because, since the age of 25, our skin will lose one percent collagen every year,” he continued.

However, facial care products alone are not enough, Dian suggests choosing the food and drinks consumed. For him, adequate consumption of water is also important.

“From the food, if I do have it, it’s like drinking lots of water too,” he said.

Dian advised not to consume food and drinks with excessive sugar levels. The reason is, it can have a bad impact, such as wrinkles on the skin.

“For example, if we have too much sugar intake, especially from sweet drinks, it’s like immediately reducing the collagen faster, wrinkles are also faster, dark spots are also a lot,” said Dian Sastro.

“I even subtract, not only sugar, flour too, even though I still like it,” he concluded.

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