These 5 Natural Tourism Spots in Yogyakarta Are No Less Exotic than Bali

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The region of Yogyakarta, familiarly called Jogja, becomes an ideal destination for tourists. In addition to culture-based tourism, Jogja has enchanting natural destinations that are no less exotic than Bali.

Quoting from the official website of the Yogyakarta City Tourism office, various kinds of natural landscapes can be found in Jogja; starting from the mountains, and beaches, to caves. Most of the natural tourist destinations in Jogja are currently focused around the Gunungkidul area.

The following are five recommendations of Jogja’s leading natural tourist destinations as summarized on

1. Grojogan Pucung 

Many tourists visit the Gorojogan Pucung, a waterfall in Kalipakem, Seloharjo, Bantul. Located in the middle of a wilderness, the waterfall is naturally gorgeous as the place is untouched by human activity. The waterfall flows swiftly and tends to be stable. 

2. Bukit Pengilon 

For sunset lovers, it is a must to visit Bukit Pengilon which is located in the Purwodadi area, Tepus Sub-district, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Tourists can witness the spectacular natural beauty of the hills and the beautiful Pantai Selatan (South Beach) from the hills. In addition, the destination also provides ground for camping.

3. Geblek Menoreh View 

This destination provides a beautiful panorama of rice fields. There is also an angkringan, or a typical place in Yogyakarta to enjoy a meal. The angkringan cart offers various menus with 10-15 kinds of rice and side dishes such as satay, bakwan (vegetable fritter), tempeh, and others. This natural tourist destination opens from 07:00-19:00 WIB.

4. Bukit Bintang 

Bukit Bintang is a Yogyakarta night spot in the Gunung Kidul area, right at the edge of the Yogyakarta-Wonosari main road. This spot is perfect for those who are looking for a greater scenery of the city of Yogyakarta from a great height. Visitors can spend the night while enjoying a great view.

5. Pantai Krokoh 

Some tourists, or even the locals, may seem to not know or heard the Krokoh Beach. The beach is included in the list of beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. With the combination of coral hills, waves, and white sand, Pantai Krokoh offers an extraordinary sensation.

Haris Setyawan | Translator: Intern / Imaji Lasahido

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