All you need to know about the Manali Winter Carnival in January

There’s no better time to be in Manali than in January, for the popular tourist town is going to celebrate the annual Manali Winter Carnival (January 2 to 6, 2023). With snow all around and the general beauty of the place, you will also get to be a part of this grand festival and get the best of Manali’s tradition, folk culture, sports and food.

The Manali Winter Carnival was first held in 1977 and back then, the carnival mostly focussed on skiing. It’s no surprise that Manali has some of the best skiing slopes in India, and in winter, not only the locals but also people from all over the country visit Manali to experience the popular winter sport.

With time, the winter sport became so popular and started attracting a big number of tourists, they eventually decided to make the carnival bigger, with more special features.

Slowly, the folk culture of Kullu and Manali started to get featured in the carnival. Songs, dance and food were some of the main features of the carnival. For some time, however, the carnival stopped featuring the cultural items, and only focussed on the winter sports. But it was brought back to life again in 2008.

The present-celebration gives equal importance to sports and culture, and it can’t be more refreshing than that! The Manali Winter Carnival kickstarts with a grand parade that takes place at the Mall Road, The parade is a colourful event with young boys and girls all dressed in the traditional Himachali attires.

The parade is followed by programmes such as singing and folk dance competitions, delightful street plays, and games and sports where the locals as well as the tourists can participate. Huge number of spectators from all over Manali and neighbouring towns gather to be a part of this carnival.

  1. When is Manali Winter Carnival?
    The annual Manali Winter Carnival will be held from January 2 to 6, 2023.
  2. Is winter a good time to be in Manali?
    Yes, not only because Manali is beautiful with snow all around, but also because during the winter season, especially during the Manali Winter Carnival, the hotels and restaurants have heavy discounts.
  3. Is Manali Winter Carnival open to visitors?
    Yes, it is open to all.

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