MSMEs backbone of Indonesia’s digital and economic transformation: BI

We also invite you to continue to use domestic products, be proud to consume local products, and be proud to travel locally

Ternate (ANTARA) – Bank Indonesia (BI) Deputy Governor Doni Primanto Joewono stated that micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of digital and economic transformation in Indonesia.

“Currently, one of the priority issues raised in Indonesia’s G20 Presidency is digital and economic transformation. Hence, digital MSMEs are the backbone, including MSME payment transactions, through the use of QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard),” Joewono stated while delivering his speech via video at the Proudly Made in Indonesia National Movement (Gernas BBI) here on Thursday.

Joewono expressed optimism that the various programs and series of Gernas BBI in 2022 would continue to be strengthened on a monthly basis, so that these activities are optimally beneficial for MSMEs.

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“We also invite you to continue to use domestic products, be proud to consume local products, and be proud to travel locally,” he stated.

He emphasized that BI is committed to supporting Gernas BBI as a step of synergy and innovation in the context of economic recovery and encouraging the spirit of pride in local products and tourism.

“Of course, (this domestic product) has national and global competitiveness, so that it becomes a source of economic growth locally and nationally, recovering together, recovering stronger,” Joewono stated.

He remarked that North Maluku has abundant natural resources.

Natural resources, such as fisheries and spices, have become the world’s main trade commodities since the Middle Ages. The province also has rich culture that comes from the Islamic Kingdom.

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“This is the hallmark and essence of North Maluku MSME products. Spices and fisheries have been successfully processed and turned into various ready-to-eat products that are not only enjoyed by the domestic market but also overseas markets,” he stated.

He remarked that North Maluku SMEs were also able to reactivate the traditional weaving of the Tidore Sultanate that had been extinct for hundreds of years.

In addition, the beauty of North Maluku’s natural tourism has been known to foreign countries, such as Morotai Island and its underwater landscape.

“We hope that these various beauties can be optimized through innovation and synergy, so that they provide benefits,” he stated.

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