Culture Ministry highlights importance of batik preservation

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture stresses the significance of the efforts to preserve batik, the Indonesian traditional fabric, as a cultural inheritance and national wealth.

“Batik is a description of Indonesia’s journey and history, which is why it needs to be preserved,” the ministry’s official, Femmy Eka Kartika Putri, noted at a virtual interview with Antara, Thursday.

The ministry urged all citizens, especially women, to play an active role in the efforts to preserve batik in the country.

“Preserving batik is the obligation of the people, and especially Indonesian women, since most of the batik creators are women that had become a source of creativity and innovation,” she explained.

Development of the batik industry in Indonesia is currently growing rapidly as time passes and technology develops. Concurrently, women play a strategic role in developing and preserving batik, she added.

The ministry continues to strengthen cross-sectoral coordination in the efforts to preserve batik in Indonesia as well as an effort to empower women.

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“The ministry, along with all related ministries and institutions, continues to undertake several empowerment programs to create quality and competitive women human resources,” she remarked.

Meanwhile, in addition to batik, the ministry encourages the preservation of kebaya as a symbol of the nation’s identity and culture, Putri stated.

“The ministry continues to encourage the preservation of kebaya clothing as Indonesia’s identity to cultivate nationalism among the people, specifically Indonesian women,” she explained.

Indonesians need to understand that kebaya is a cultural inheritance that should be preserved by wearing them on all opportunities.

“Wearing a kebaya will exude a sense of aura and beauty of Indonesian women as reflected from their behavior and attitude as civilized Indonesian women with high culture,” she remarked. 

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