Indonesian songstress, Niki Zefanya on music, make-up and beauty rituals

We’re high key obsessed with Indonesian vocalist, songwriter and producer, Niki Zefanya, better known as Niki, who is set to perform at Coachella 2022 following the release of her track, Every Summertime on Marvel’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of The 10 Rings last year.

With over 1.3 billion streams of her music to date, the vibey, critically-acclaimed LA-based artist known for her melodic, narrative-driven tracks continues to blaze her own path, while advocating for up-and-coming Asian talent in the music industry. 

On-stage make-up essential I’d probably say concealer and highlighter. Concealer because I personally like a bright face (especially for my under eyes) during performances and highlight because who doesn’t love a little glitter!

Self-care strategy A hot and scalding bubble bath.

Beloved Indonesian beauty rituals My mother taught me a face massage technique that she got from her mother, and my grandmother from her mother. Not sure if it’s necessarily Indonesian, but it’s pretty cool to have something in my beauty arsenal that’s generational. It has a powerful and spiritual quality to it.

Must-have foundation Fenty Match Stix Matte Contour Skinstick in Amber, $41.

Best body product Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, $21.90.

Favourite eyeshadow AboutFace Shadowstick in Acidic, US $21

Go-to hair product If you bleached your entire head blonde like I did, be sure to get that Olaplex. Gamechanger!

Approach to style/beauty Comfort comes first.

Beauty and style icon Likely everyone else’s answer but, Rihanna. Also Zendaya!

Ultimate ride-or-die beauty product Lip balm. Period.

Favourite lipstick I’m not really a lipstick person, but my favourite lip gloss is the Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss in Force of Nature, $45.

Favourite skincare product La Roche-Posay Double Repair Face Moisturizer, US $19.99.

Favourite runway look of spring/summer 2022 I really loved most of the Bottega Veneta Spring 2022 looks! Green is my current favourite color, and I was really impressed by the various green accents and pieces. It was enlivening, tastefully current and futuristic all at once– I’m all about it.

Mental and physical health care Honestly, I’ve been trying to get better quality sleep! The nature of my work is so unpredictable and a proper sleep schedule is often out of the question, depending on the work season I’m in. So, working on trying to sleep longer and more consistently has truly been a game changer. I feel more balanced and efficient in my daily endeavours.

Song on repeat All Too Well (10 Minute Version) by Taylor Swift, Nothing New by Taylor Swift & Phoebe Bridgers, and Anything by Adrianne Lenker.

What beauty means to me Beauty in my opinion is just true self-love. So much freedom and joy comes from accepting yourself the way you are, and I think beauty just overflows externally when you are gracious and kind to yourself.

Mantra for life What is meant for you won’t pass you by.

A teaser for 2022 I’m honestly quite secretive about what I’m working on because I deeply believe in the element of surprise, so all I will say is that new music is coming, and fingers-crossed, a tour!

Collage: Samantha Lek  / The Collaging Chronicles

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