12 Romantic Places in South Korea, From Seoul to Busan

It’s February, which means romance is in the air! If you’re wondering where to go on a romantic vacation with your partner, consider heading to South Korea. South Korea offers a myriad of cool places and fun activities for couples to enjoy, and is a very popular honeymoon destination. Also, did you know that every 14th of the month is celebrated as a love-themed day in South Korea? As you can see, South Korea truly celebrates the joys of romance all year long!

Planning to sweep your partner off their feet soon? Check out this comprehensive list of the most romantic places in South Korea for the perfect romantic getaway.

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Most beautiful places in Seoul, South Korea for a romantic getaway

1. Changdeokgung Palace

Visiting Changdeokgung Palace is one of the best couple activities in Seoul. Having served as an important royal palace during the Joseon dynasty, Changdeokgung overflows with historical and cultural significance. It’s also a famously beautiful site where lush nature coexists harmoniously with impressive man-made architecture.

Many couples enjoy dressing up in the hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) and taking a romantic stroll around the palace grounds. Trust us, you’re sure to get stunning couple photos here! 

Inside Changdeokgung, Huwon Secret Garden is a quaint romantic spot, especially during autumn and spring when the colours of nature are at their most beautiful. Of the five existing Joseon-era palaces in South Korea today, Changdeokgung is the most well-preserved and the only UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Don’t miss it!

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2. Lotte World Ice Rink

If you’re looking for fun, cute couple activities in Seoul, head to Lotte World Ice Rink! Ice skating here is a popular date activity amongst youngsters because the rink is located inside the famous Lotte World Adventure indoor amusement park. Here, the whimsical and cheerful atmosphere creates a sense of youthful innocence and teenage romance. And unlike many ice rinks in South Korea, Lotte World Ice Rink is open all year round!

Fun fact: Lotte World Adventure is the world’s largest indoor amusement park.  

3. Han River

Image credit: Leung Cho Pan via Canva Pro

You might’ve seen the famous Han River in many Korean dramas and music videos. Locals will probably tell you that this iconic river is one of the most romantic places in South Korea to enjoy a sweet date. And it’s easy to see why! There are so many fun things couples can do here: water-skiing, flyboarding, having a picnic, taking a boat cruise along the river, or simply sitting by the riverbank while enjoying the lovely view! 

For a fun and romantic experience on the Han River, rent a swan paddle boat so you and your partner can gently cruise along the river! You can find the swan boats near Yeouido Hangang Park, which is one of the most accessible parks along the river.

If you prefer to stay on land, you can sit along the riverbank to admire the gorgeous landscape while enjoying Korean chicken and beer with your partner!

Fun Fact: Other than Yeouido Hangang Park, there are 10 beautiful parks along the Han River!

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4. Banpo Bridge

Image credit: Wirestock via Canva Pro

If you and your partner love outdoor light shows and artistic displays, then you’ll definitely enjoy a date at Banpo Bridge, which is located in Banpo Hangang Park along the Han River.

At Banpo Bridge, you’ll see the famous 570-metre-wide Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain. Throughout the day, the fountain plays different dazzling shows involving water, lights, and music. 

For the most romantic vibes, we personally recommend watching the nighttime show, which involves hundreds of rainbow-coloured water jets dancing in perfect synchrony with the music! One of the most popular couple activities in Seoul is sitting along Banpo Bridge to watch the romantic fountain shows while savouring some good food. 

Note: Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain typically operates between April and October!

5. Namsan Seoul Tower Observatory

Image credit: Diversity Studio via Canva Pro

Located within Namsan Park, the iconic Namsan Seoul Tower Observatory is one of the most popular romantic spots in Seoul. With a staggering height of 480 metres above sea level, the observatory offers visitors a stunning bird’s eye view of the whole city, and the atmosphere here is seriously dreamy.

6. Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest is one of the most romantic places in South Korea for an outdoor date surrounded by lush nature. The enormous forest contains four theme parks: the Culture and Art Park, Eco Forest, Experiential Learning Park, and the Marsh Plants Garden

Although it’s a stunning landscape any time of the year, Seoul Forest is exceptionally beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms and tulips bloom sweetly. It’s also a sight for sore eyes in autumn when the autumn foliage in the Ginkgo Tree Forest shows off its lovely warm hues. 

Nevertheless, there are always plenty of couple activities to do at Seoul Forest all year round! Walking around to admire the gorgeous landscape makes for a therapeutic date idea. Alternatively, you can even feed the adorable deer at the Deer Corral located inside the Eco Forest.

TripZilla tip: For a super-sweet romantic experience, rent a tandem bicycle and enjoy a slow bike ride with your partner through Seoul Forest! 

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7. Gwangjang Market

One of the best couple activities in Seoul is enjoying local delicacies together! And an amazing spot to do that is Gwangjang Market, one of South Korea’s most renowned traditional markets. It’s locally and internationally acclaimed for its myriad of mouth-watering street food. While Gwangjang Market might not strike you as a conventionally beautiful and romantic place, it’s actually a fantastic spot for couples to bond over delicious wallet-friendly food and also take some Insta-worthy shots!

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Romantic places in South Korea for your date (that aren’t in Seoul)

8. Everland – Yongin

Romance is always in the air at amusement parks, and couples love going to Everland, which is South Korea’s largest amusement theme park! With the sheer number of couples you’ll see here, we can safely say Everland is one of the most popular romantic places in South Korea. There are five major areas in Everland: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, Zootopia, and European Adventure.

Everland offers both gentle rides and adrenaline-charged ones, all of which are perfect for couple bonding! You can take the Sky Cruise, which will gently carry you across the park and give you beautiful romantic views. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the T Express, an extremely steep wooden roller coaster (one that’s definitely not for the fainthearted) which is famous for its 56-metre first drop!

If you need a break from rides, you can also stroll around Everland and enjoy the beautiful grounds! The flower-filled Four Seasons Garden is a good place to rest or take romantic couple photos. 

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9. Haeundae Beach – Busan

Image credit: hanhanpeggy via Canva Pro

Frequently cited as one of the best beaches in the country, Haeundae Beach is a perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway in South Korea! 

During the day, the crystal-clear water and long stretches of pristine white sand gleam in the sunlight. People really love swimming or sunbathing here. If you walk to the edge of the beach, you’ll reach Dongbaekseom Island with the elegant Dongbaek Coastal Trail. Walk along this trail to enjoy a spectacular, open view of the sea! 

And at night, with the therapeutic sound of the sea waves, Haeundae just becomes even more romantic! Head down to Haeundae Food Stall Town, which is famous for its amazing seasonal seafood, and to Haeundae Traditional Market, which is celebrated for its amazing gukbap (rice soup). There’s also a good chance you’ll see nighttime street performances. 

Fun fact: Haeundae Beach has stunning sunset views. So, make sure you’re ready to take cheesy couple photos come sundown!

10. Woljeongri Beach – Jeju

Image credit: Iseo Yang via Canva Pro

Woljeongri Beach is another outstanding beach that we recommend! Its beautiful, calming environment makes Woljeongri one of the most romantic places in South Korea — especially when you need to relax. 

At Woljeongri, strolling along the shoreline with the beautiful emerald waters washing over your feet is the perfect way to unwind. If you and your partner are feeling adventurous, you can participate in water activities such as surfing, snorkelling, and kayaking! 

Additionally, there are lots of fantastic food spots along Woljeongri that offer delicious food and stunning sea views. Cafe Lowa, Woljeong-ri Galbibap, and Billy’s Woljeong Snack are some highly-rated food places that you might want to try out!

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11. Jeongbang Falls – Jeju

Image credit: Sanga Park via Canva Pro

The scenic Jeju Island is one of the most popular romantic places in South Korea for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon! 

While Jeju has tons of amazing romantic spots, we recommend heading to Jeongbang Falls. At a height of 23 metres, the Jeongbang Falls is Asia’s only waterfall that directly flows into the ocean! It’s surrounded by lush cliffs, and you’ll enjoy the misty seabreeze while standing around the falls. This is a great spot to enjoy a tranquil date with your partner while surrounded by nature’s wonders. 

12. Odongdo Island – Yeosu

Image credit: thanyarat07 via Canva Pro

Flowers and romance often come hand in hand, which makes Odongdo Island one of the most beautiful and romantic places in South Korea!

Located in the scenic coastal city of Yeosu, Odongdo Island is renowned for its natural beauty. In particular, it stands out for its thousands of stunning camellia flowers that generally bloom between November to April. You’ll also find impressive rock formations such as the Yonggul Cave and the Kokkiri Rock! Make sure you come with your cameras and handphones charged because you’ll surely get lots of gorgeous couple photos here!

Fun fact: In South Korea, the camellia represents faithfulness and enduring love! 

So, we’ve brought you through some of the most beautiful places in South Korea for the perfect romantic getaway. Book your flight there now!

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