(Video) Numerous Indonesian Men Have Express Their Desire To Marry Ameera Khan

Neelofa’s younger sister Ameera Khan has apparently become the more popular sister of the two lately. Previously, netizens criticised the public figure for dressing “inappropriately” after she returned from performing her umrah.

While Malaysian netizens may not have been so kind to her on social media, Indonesian netizens, on the other hand, have shown a different kind of attention on TikTok. Here’s what we mean:


♬ Bawalah Cintaku – Afgan

Ameera Khan has previously gone viral for the things she’s done that many disagreed with, but this time, she went viral on TikTok because of a trend started by Indonesian netizens, mostly men. Several male Indonesian TikTokers posted videos that showed a photo of them looking their best with a caption that reads, “Ya Allah if my soulmate is Ameera Khan, who I am to refuse?”.

The videos then cut to a montage of photos of the Malaysian actress’s younger sister. The background music used for the TikTok posts was “Bawalah Cintaku” by Indonesian singer Afgan, a song about being with the person you love. At the time of writing, it is currently unknown how or when the TikTok trend started but judging from some of the videos, it has been going on for almost a month now.

Little Miss Khan herself became aware of the trend and decided to join in as well by appearing in content creator Rosixomar’s version of the TikTok trend where instead of using photos of the celeb, he jokingly prayed that he’d end up together with her.


It is currently not known if these men from Indonesia were actually serious about wanting to marry the Malaysian celeb but the TikTok videos appeared to have no ill intention toward the star as the men posting them only showed their admiration for her beauty. From the video above, we can say that Ameera does not mind the trend at all.

Perhaps one of these men might actually get their wish granted. Who knows?


Semoga kamu baik-baik aja 😊 #ameerakhan

♬ Bawalah Cintaku – Afgan

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