Freya Rose supporting Prince’s Trust campaign for International Women’s Day

Award-winning British designer, Freya Rose will launch her new Woven Kindred Necklace for International Women’s Day (IWD), donating 100% of profits to The Prince’s Trust campaign: #CHANGEAGIRLSLIFE.

Meticulously handcrafted, the new Woven Kindred Necklace is crocheted by artisan jewellers using a rare East Indonesian craft which has been passed down through generations – a distinctive, now specialist, technique that only a handful of people around the world are still able to do.

A unique addition to her existing woven jewellery collection, the new design will be available in two high quality finishes: 22k gold vermeil and sterling silver.

Founder of her eponymous jewellery brand, Freya Rose said: “When I discovered the intricate and beautiful technique of woven wire, whilst visiting our artisans in Bali, I instantly resonated with the idea that the woven nature of the craft represents the power in women supporting women.

“The concept behind the weave is that, whilst light, delicate and feminine, it holds such strength – reflecting how women are stronger together.”

Representing the beauty in women supporting women, the interlinked design of the Woven Kindred Necklace is symbolic of friendship and deep, personal connections.

Launching on IWD on 8 March 2023, Freya Rose London will donate 100% of profits made from sales of the Woven Kindred Necklace on IWD to The Prince’s Trust’s #CHANGEAGIRLSLIFE campaign.

Freya Rose London will then donate 5% of profits from the sale of the necklace to The Prince’s Trust Women Supporting Women initiative thereafter.

As an advocate of slow-fashion with minimal impact on the environment, the woven jewellery collection from Freya Rose offers eminently stylish women the perfect opportunity to invest in long-lasting quality pieces.

The provenance and traceability of the materials used in Freya Rose London designs, and the individuals that the brand works with, are fundamental to Rose’s business philosophy.

Rose has worked alongside her artisan shoe couturiers in Spain for over 10 years, and her signature jewelled heels and jewellery are responsibly sourced and handmade by craftsmen/women who have learnt their trade over generations in Bali – a destination renowned for its highly developed arts and metal work.

In a fast, modern world where globalisation degrades ancient practices and often exploits those involved in crafting processes, Rose believes that preserving and supporting these ancestral craft techniques is essential.

The Woven Kindred Necklace is available for preorder now on the Freya Rose London website and will officially launch on Wednesday 8 March 2023.

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