The allure of Japanese make-up looks adopted from their subcultures

The realm of cosplay has been defined anew as of late, surpassing archaic misconceptions of it being strange or difficult to understand. Proving as the ultimate space for freedom of expression, it’s gained traction over the years, with more and more cosplay content creators changing up the flow of the game on social media platforms. No longer can they be reduced to mere attempts with varying wig shapes, coloured contacts or simple costume alterations—but they require actual work to unveil the grand transformations that the space so truly desires. Here, there’s no doubt that cosplay has long had its intersections with the beauty scene but perhaps that dependence has only intensified by leaps and bounds. 

After all, with much of cosplay in Japan often attempting to emulate the high-octane visuals of manga and anime characters—an entertainment landscape where its fictional characters are as whimsical and idiosyncratic as can be—it’s only natural that the OTT nature of it all has bled into the aesthetic preferences of Japan’s street set. Although cosplay is a subculture where entire looks are mimicked, much of the techniques and make-up effects also overlap with other smaller Japanese subcultures, such as ever-prevalent kawaii themes or the gothic lolita. 

When viewed across the board, an entire spectrum of hair and make-up elements borrowed from these various subcultures are often brought to life in their own little ways. Should you view it from a perspective of infusing fun and allurement into your beauty adventures, then they’re surely a brilliant way to effuse the same eclectic sense of experimentation we so often need to cut through the drab of our everyday lives. From white lashes and puppy eyeliners to the now-trendy hime haircut, discover a range of Japanese make-up styles you can now adopt in your own attempts.


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