Designer Vikram Goyal makes his international debut

By IANSlife

New Delhi, Apr 22 (IANSlife): Nina Yashar, a design legend and the founder of the Milan-based Nilufar Galleries, will now represent an exclusive curation by the firm. ‘The Bright Side of Design’, an exhibition that takes place in the locations of Nilufar Depot and in Nilufar Gallery Via della Spiga, opens with a special opening preview on April 16 and features a selection of Vikram Goyal’s works.

Vikram Goyal will be showcasing a number of limited edition pieces that reflect the studio’s signature of combining innovative craftsmanship with the revival of craft practises, composing a new contemporary design vocabulary from India. He was inspired by the desire to create an Indian design language that balances beauty and functionality.

His workshop of “Repousse” famous French metalwork technique is one of the finest in the world.

It is indeed a proud moment as the studio’s works will be platformed in a new dimension, bringing as much awareness about homegrown design, art and heritage to the world.

In 2015, Nina Yashar opened Nilufar Depot in a former silverware factory building. A large 1,500 square-meter space spread over three floors and located in via Lancetti (Milan) that is inspired by La Scala Opera House in Milan and that hosts a selection of the extensive Nilufar collection, in a setting where contemporary design harmoniously dialogues with iconic historical design pieces. Vikram Goyal’s works have found a natural home in this inventive space, and led to an exciting association with Nina Yashar’s singular vision, a reference point for artistry and collectible contemporary design. Here are product description of the pieces exclusively available with Nilufar Depot:

Archimedes’ Twist

With a dramatic, dynamic foundation, this console is both furniture and sculpture. Created by the measured manipulation of brass, hollow forms of metal are twisted into a seemingly infinite loop.

Braque’s Geometry

This wall sconce features abstract, sculptural forms carefully crafted from beaten brass. Arranged in an overlapping composition evoking the paintings of George Braque, its illumination highlights a contemporary Cubist form.


Ripples of cut brass resembling the dunes of the Thar desert flow across this modern bar cabinet. Each facet of its mosaic surface is cut from a sheet of hammered brass, deftly assembled along the curves of an undulating framework.


This light bronze cabinet highlights complex patterns of scale, with dappled patterns of snakeskin across its facade. Each scale is created by the Studio’s signature use of repoussage, the laborious and highly skilled process of hammering low-relief designs into malleable metal sheets from the reverse.


The ancient Indonesian temple of Borobudur lends the gentle curves of its famous stupas to this architectural table. Visual nuance is created through hammered sheets of tempered metal and tiers made from metal spinning.


The asymmetric, dynamic form of a pyrite crystal serves as the inspiration for this multi-faceted table. Geometric angles are created through the process of hollowed joinery, wherein individual sheets of beaten brass are joined together to form a singular prism.


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