Indonesian volcano with ‘deadliest eruption’ in last millennium tipped to boil over | World | News

Indonesian volcano with 'deadliest eruption' in last millennium tipped to boil over | World | News

The Earth is home to around 1,350 active volcanoes, from Iceland to Japan, New Zealand to the US. Each regularly shows signs of activity, though some blow their lids more often than others — and more violently. This is true of Mount Rinjani, the second-highest volcano in Indonesia and the highest point in the Indonesian … Read more

Volcano sends hot ash thousands of feet in air over Indonesian villages

WEST SUMATRA, Indonesia — Hot ash rained down on villages southeast of Mount Merapi after several eruptions just in the last month. A resident captured a massive volcanic ash cloud shooting 7,800 feet into the air for almost four minutes on Sunday afternoon, according to the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency. The photographer was upwind of the prevailing winds and escaped … Read more

Five Natural Wonders To Visit In Java, Southeast Asia’s Most Beautiful Island

The island of Java is home to over half of Indonesia’s overall population. getty With more than 151 million people living within its borders, Java is the most populous island on the entire planet—but in between the sprawling cities and charming villages, there’s no shortage of spectacular natural sites to explore. Verdant rainforests, picturesque beaches, … Read more