A majestic waterfall | Sunday Observer

A majestic waterfall | Sunday Observer

You don’t have to go to Europe to visit picturesque mountain towns and villages. The charming Koththelena village, with its breathtaking views of the Seven Virgin Hills, is the perfect escape from bustling city life. If you wish to avoid tourist traps and visit spots tucked away in the hills, Koththelena is ideal for you. … Read more

Commentary: Can respected Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani campaign all the way to the top?

Many of the complaints about Megawati boiled down to issues with presentation and communication – living under the shadow of her father and the country’s first president Sukarno didn’t help. While no one would accuse Sri Mulyani of speaking too informally, the perception of women’s leadership is deeply rooted and difficult to combat. That’s hardly … Read more

Faith and Human Rights at the G20 Religion Forum in Indonesia | Politics

This is an edited version of remarks delivered on Nov. 3 in Bali, Indonesia, at the G20 Religion Forum, an international summit of religious leaders inaugurated by the government of Indonesia in its capacity as 2022 president and host of the annual G20. Bali—It has been a disquieting and dangerous year in world affairs. Consequently, … Read more