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     Back again, this time i want to share a review about reusable cotton pad that can be use over and over again! Frankly, i haven’t got a chance to try a lot of reusable cotton brand, so far only 2 different brands. This time i want to share Sustaination Reusable Double Sided Facial Pads one! Is it good? Just read it down below!

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Brand : Sustaination

Name : Reusable Double Sided Facial Pads

Content: 5pcs

Price : around IDR 55k (USD 5) 

Price based on stores in Indonesia.   

     I do believe cotton pad is a MUST have item for us girls, especially those who loves using makeup and skincare. Me, my self usually buy cotton pad regularly every month, but in time i became kinda curious about the reusable ones and try to minimalize one time use cotton pad for daily.

      Before trying on this brand, i’ve tried one other brand with a more affordable price, but so far the quality is not as good as this one. Not bad, but it actually could be better, but well it’s worth the price tho. Finally i bought this brand, Sustaination, because i saw this looks better in quality and also a little bit pricier than the other one. Back then i bought it with the menscup as well, but i haven’t find a comfy way to use it, so perhaps i’ll review it some other times. Anyway, after months of using this cotton pad, finally i have the motivation to write and finish the review, lol.


     This is how the packaging looks like:

     Simple packaging; the cotton pad wrapped with an eco-friendly paper. The one i bought has 5 square fabric pads around 6x6cm. I guess it sized just like the regular cotton pads and have the same white color as well. It sewn nicely and has the brand logo on each pad.

How To Use:

– Can be use to clean face and makeup, can be use both side.

– Can be use to clean bags and leather shoes.

Care Instruction:

– Handwash the pad with natural soap after every use, do not use detergent.

– Hang the fabric pad and put it on a dry place.

    Things that i like about this facial pad more than the other cheaper brand i used is; the sewing on each pad is good, no thread hanging. Even though i have already used and washed it so many times, the pad is still in a really good condition. Other than that, the pad is also soft and doesn’t irritate my skin so far. 

      So the quality is way better and i quite loving this reusable facial pads from Sustaination. Now i rarely use regular cotton pad, i mostly use the reusable pads for cleaning the face or makeup etc. The cotton is also double sided to make it more convenient.

      These reusable pads also quite easy to clean. Even though the care instruction told to use a natural soap instead of detergent, i still use detergent to clean it up because i kinda don’t have the natural soap. Hahaha, so far so good, as in the quality stays quite the same, but if you want you can follow the instruction to be safe.


    I think it’s worth it! Other that it’s way more eco friendly, it also make you save more money in the long run, rather than buying regular cotton pads every month or so. It might seems kinda expensive at first, but it’s not! I haven’t buy any regular cotton pad for the past year, even my cotton pads stock is still a lot. 


+ the fabric is quite soft

+ sewn nicely and properly

+ been using it a lot but it still in a really good condition

+ more eco-friendly

+ 5 pads quite enough for me so far, as long you regularly wash it

+ more cheaper in a long run than buying regular pads


– non yet, except it feels a bit more expensive at first

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


     I guess it’s a quite better option for you guys rather than the regular conventional cotton pad. Other than it’s more earth friendly, it’s also cheaper on the long run. Even actually it’s not that expesinve, only IDR 55k for 5 pcs and it can be use for years. If you’re still not sure, you can also buy per piece. You can buy the pads HERE .

     That’s all my review for now, i hope you’ll find this review article useful. See you guys on my next post!



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