On the Scene: NYFW The Talks “New Faces of Indonesian Fashion”

During NYFW, on the 11th to be specific, three panelist sat with moderator Claire Stern to discuss “New Faces of Indonesian Fashion.” Panelists included designer Vivi Zubedi, self proclaimed “Fashion business enthusiast,” Pasoari Widiastuti, and Parsons Dean; Ben Barry, PhD.

Each dove into the importance of bringing culture and heritage to fashion as a start to appreciating others and understanding their history. Dr. Barry made it a point to emphasize the importance of these creations as they aim to “reclaim knowledge that colonialism worked to erase.”

The talk itself served as an introduction on how Indonesian culture can influence the fashion industry, and how it already has. Widiastuti explained the role religion plays in shaping Indonesian fashion. Being that Islam is the largest practiced religion in the region, modesty is important for both men and women. “We limit showing the skin. It still looks sexy but there are certain rules, we want to respect others,” Zubedi asserted. Providing perfect examples of this tastefulness were  six Indonesian designers that showed up and showed out during the “Indonesia Now” show.

During the show, 60 looks were debuted on the runway. Designers and brands included Alleria Batik, Coreta Louise, Heaven Lights, Sesedon by Kimberly Tandra, Spous by Priyo Octaviano and Vivi Zubedi.

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