Miss Universe Indonesia contestants claim they were ordered to strip topless and pose with their legs spread so they could be photographed for ‘body checks’

  • Police confirmed contestants had filed a report that would be investigated 

Six contestants of a Miss Universe Indonesia pageant have filed complaints with police accusing organisers of sexual harassment after they were allegedly ordered to strip topless for ‘body checks’.

Police confirmed contestants had filed a report that would be investigated.

The contestants of the Indonesian beauty pageant, held in the capital Jakarta from July 29 to August 3, said the organisers asked five of them to strip to their underwear for physical examinations in a room with more than 20 people, including men.

Five contestants were then photographed topless, said their lawyer, Mellisa Anggraeni, adding there was no need for such checks. Six contestants had filed complaints, she said.

One of the complainants told a press conference, broadcast by news channel Kompas TV, that she had been asked to pose inappropriately, including by opening her legs.

Miss Universe Indonesia contest held in Jakarta. There is no suggestion the women pictured were among those claiming to have been photographed topless

‘I felt like I was being peeked on, I was very confused and uncomfortable,’ said the unidentified woman. The broadcaster blurred her face.

Reuters tried to contact the company that runs the Miss Universe Indonesia pageant, PT Capella Swastika Karya, and the company’s founder, Poppy Capella, through their social media accounts but they did not respond. The Miss Universe Organization did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.

Jakarta police spokesperson Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko said a report from contestants had been received on Monday and it would be investigated.

Religious groups in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, have in the past objected to beauty pageants.

The contest in Jakarta was held to select Indonesia’s entry for the annual Miss Universe competition to be held in El Salvador late this year.

The contest is run by the Miss Universe Organization and was co-owned by Donald Trump between 1996 and 2002.

Thai celebrity media tycoon and transgender rights advocate Jakapong ‘Anne’ Jakrajutatip bought the Miss Universe Organization for $20 million last year. 

The change in ownership was announced just days after Miss Universe suspended the organisers of Miss USA amid claims that its bosses crowned a winner unfairly, among other ongoing drama, including a cheating scandal and claims of sexual harassment.

Jakrajutatip’s purchase of the organisation marked the first time the beauty pageant has been owned by a woman.

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