Your New Beauty Pit Stop in Jakarta

With “Your Beauty Pit Stop” as its tagline, Skin Philosophy aims to be the ultimate destination for Indonesian women looking to achieve their beauty goals

Achieving healthy-looking skin requires love and attention. While simple things like drinking enough water and getting enough sleep certainly helps, proper skincare and effective beauty treatments can become definite game-changers. This is where Skin Philosophy Aesthetic Clinic comes in.

Credibility and validity are Skin Philosophy’s main tenets, and to that end, the clinic only provides trustworthy doctors with proven tracks record and multiple credentials in various fields of medical practice. The clinic itself is also run at a high standard and in accordance to four core values.

First, Skin Philosophy only uses innovative products to get effective results. “We specifically use the best treatment technology and materials from the U.S. The equipment and technology used are also FDA-approved,” says Cyntha Octavia, CEO of Skin Philosophy. “Of course, we are also committed to follow the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health, as well as the pharmaceutical and medical standards.”

The clinic has also chosen a consumer-centric focus as its second philosophy. “When someone visits the clinic, we will direct them to a private consultation session with a doctor. That way, they will receive a personalized medical analysis, treatment plan, and specific products as prescribed by the doctor. For convenience, patients can request to undergo treatments together with friends, children, or colleagues,” explains dr. Prinka Cahyanisa.

Third, Skin Philosophy aims to be a beauty destination that is reliable, trusted, and provides extra care. Everything about the clinic’s patients is kept strictly confidential. Doctors will inform their patients in detail about the treatments they will perform – from methods to downtime and possible side effects – and all treatments will only be carried out with the patient’s express agreement. Subsequently, the clinic will perform follow-up checks following a patient’s first treatment session, up until 21 days afterwards.

And fourth, Skin Philosophy is simply unlike other beauty clinics. It offers a place to connect with people and unlock infinite possibilities, where fellow patients have a chance to establish new networks and relationships, broaden their circle of contacts with people from different backgrounds – all while enjoying their time at the clinic.

Moving on to the treatments offered by Skin Philosophy, its “hero” treatment is PicoWay. Essentially, it uses a picosecond laser to transfer energy waves into the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. Besides improving facial skin texture, PicoWay can also treat acne scars, overcome wrinkles on the face, fade scars, and remove black spots or skin pigmentation. This procedure is non-surgical and is highly effective if performed consistently according to the needs of the skin and following a doctor’s advice.

Skin Philosophy Clinic is located at Jl. Bumi No.22, Jakarta, and can be reached via phone at +62 21 27099390 or +62 81 234799965.

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