Millennials Prefer Bali; The Island Country Is New Fave Amongst Indian Travellers: Airbnb Report

Step into a realm where azure shores meet verdant landscapes, where vibrant cultures interlace with warm hospitality—a journey through Bali, crafted for the discerning explorer. Airbnb, the gateway to immersive travel experiences, unveils the allure of this Indonesian gem, beckoning Indian travellers to discover its beauty, culture, and soulful embrace. Join the voyage as we navigate through the rising fascination, unique stays, cultural immersions, and responsible travel pathways that define Bali’s narrative on Airbnb.

Intriguing Exploration Of Bali’s Charms

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Bali, a name that conjures images of breathtaking beaches, vibrant culture, and boundless hospitality, stands as a beloved destination for Indian voyagers exploring the realm of Airbnb. This island paradise, renowned for its natural allure, offers a kaleidoscope of experiences ranging from serene retreats to immersive cultural engagements.

Revealing a compelling shift, recent data from Airbnb has highlighted a staggering twofold surge in searches for stays in Bali among Indian travellers. This surge echoes the burgeoning curiosity among Indian globetrotters to venture into unique international havens brimming with cultural richness.

Indian explorers exhibit a discernible preference for specific stay categories and amenities while scouting for Bali retreats on Airbnb. Among the top categories are beachfront, amazing pools, amazing views, rare finds, and tropical, while amenities like a pool, WiFi, AC, kitchen, breakfast, and hot tub top the list of sought-after comforts.

Millennials Lead the Charge With Solo And Couple Travels

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A striking trend emerges with the rising popularity of solo and duo voyages among Indian travellers to Bali. This inclination towards intimate exploration reshapes the landscape of travel preferences. In the tapestry of Bali’s exploration, recent Airbnb data underlines the dominance of millennial Indian travellers, closely followed by GenX and GenZ cohorts. Their zest for discovery forms the driving force behind Bali’s evolving travel narrative.

Bali’s culinary scene captivates the hearts (and taste buds) of Indian travellers. From traditional Balinese delicacies to innovative fusion fare, the island’s food panorama offers a delectable journey. Local favourites like Babi Guling, Balinese Nasi Campur, Ayam Betutu, and Lawar await epicurean adventurers.

Beyond the pristine shores lies Bali’s rich tapestry of cultural experiences. Travellers increasingly seek authentic engagements—temple visits, traditional dances, and artisanal craft workshops—that unveil the layers of Bali’s profound cultural heritage.

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Where To Stay In Bali?

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Airbnb paints a canvas of diversity with its array of accommodations in Bali, tailored to suit every traveller’s fancy. 

Travelling In The Island Country

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Things To Do There:

  • Visit the Bali Pulina plantation to enjoy delicious Balinese coffee.
  • Take a traditional cooking class to learn about Balinese cuisine.
  • Explore the mysterious depths of Goa Gajah.
  • Experience the peaceful splendour of Kanto Lampo Waterfall.
  • From local artisans, learn the craft of batik making.
  • See the magnificent Tanah Lot temple and the captivating Kecak dance show.

Tips To Travelling Responsibly:

  • Get fully immersed in the traditions and customs of the area.
  • Improve your understanding by interacting with the community.
  • Encourage local companies and craftspeople.
  • Cut back on waste to protect the ecosystem.
  • Observe regional norms and regulations.
  • To foster stronger ties, embrace regional tongues.

With its dynamic blend of natural beauty and culture, Bali welcomes visitors to respectfully immerse themselves in its embrace, guaranteeing an extraordinary journey.

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