Ogilvy Singapore cheekily imagines the origin of the air kiss through new POND’S MEN film – Campaign Brief Asia

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What if one man’s extremely oily face was the reason why the air kiss was invented? This is the question posed by the latest film created by Ogilvy Singapore to launch POND’S MEN new Ultra Bright Oil Fighter face wash in Indonesia.


Entitled ‘The Oily Warrior’, the film opens on an ancient Indonesian tribe where victorious warriors are being honoured with a kiss on each cheek by their king. One by one, the warriors step up to receive the great honour. However, when an extremely oily-faced warrior steps forward, the king hesitates. Despite trying his hardest to put his lips to the warrior’s oily cheek, the king simply cannot and kisses the air instead… inventing the world’s very first air kiss.

“Who wants to kiss an oily face? No one. We started with this insight that’s as true today as it was thousands of years ago,” said Nicolas Courant, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Singapore, “So instead of setting our film in the modern day, we went back in history and imagined the story of an oily-faced man in ancient Indonesia.”

“I think everyone no matter where they’re from can relate to the dread of having to kiss an oily face. It’s a universal insight. So of course, it was no surprise that our Indonesian audience loved it when we tested the initial concept with them,” continued Putri Paramita, POND’S Indonesia Beauty & Wellbeing Lead, “While Pond’s is a global brand, we tailored our communications for this new Pond’s Men format for the Indonesian market, connecting a local insight with our product benefit of long-lasting oil control. Switching things up with an Indonesian historical setting was another strategy we used to stand out against our competitors.”

Film Director, Ayappa, added: “The diegetic track you hear in the film was created using traditional Indonesian gamelan instruments such as the bonang and kendang drum and composed using the gamelan pelog tuning system. Our cast’s costumes and headgear were inspired by the inventive designs of the indigenous Dayak peoples of Indonesia. They were not just an accessory but an expression of their unique identity.”

“Over the past 5 years, POND’S MEN has firmly positioned itself as the oil control face wash that saves Indonesian men from awkward moments. It is great to see how Ogilvy has evolved this with a new insight, giving it a fresh spin while keeping the same tongue- in-cheek humour that Indonesians love about the brand,” Jopa Malantic, POND’S Global Brand Director said.


Global POND’S Vice President: Vandana Suri
Global POND’S Brand Director: Jopa Malantic
Global POND’S Senior Brand Manager: Fawn Cher
POND’S Indonesia Beauty & Wellbeing Lead: Putri Paramita
POND’S Indonesia Skincare & Masstige Lead: Meila-Putri Handayani
POND’S Indonesia Brand Manager: Manda Ardelia
Creative Agency: Ogilvy Singapore
Chief Creative Officers: Nicolas Courant, Marco Versolato (WPP@UL)
Associate Creative Directors: Sonali Ranjit, Rachel Chew, Ria Ocampo
Worldwide Managing Director: David Dahan
Global Managing Partner: Aanchal Sethi
Group Account Director: Pritika Gupta
Business Director: Sarah-Cate Agnew
Account Director: Vinx Zhang
Executive Strategy Director: Sumegha Rao
Strategy Director: Dilip Garga
Strategist: Mellita Angga
Senior Producers: Kevin Nguyen (WPP@UL), Fabiano Beraldo
Offline Editor: Timothy Lee
Chief Strategy Officer @ Ogilvy Indonesia: Ruby Sudoyo
Copywriter @ Ogilvy Indonesia: Cessita Putri
Production Company: Earlyman Film Pvt Ltd
Director: Ayappa
Executive Producer: Anand Menon
Producer: Milin Shah
Director Of Photography: Vikash Nowlakha
Offline Editor: Dipika Kalra
Music: Sameeruddin
Line Production: Solomon – Landmark Productions (Kuala Lumpur)
Production Designer: Jimmy Bong
Casting Director: Munie
1st AD: Jeremy
Costumes Stylist: Akma
DA: Udayan Biswas
Post Supervisor: Vikram Solanki
Post-Production: TQL
Post Producer: Kyanne Tan
Colorist: Corey Spykerman
Online Artist: Edmund Fong
Audio Post: Neon Singapore
Audio Producer: Terence Chan
Audio Engineer: Jerry Teo

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