Indonesia’s 100-island Widi Reserve to be auctioned off

Indonesia is auctioning off one of its best-preserved atolls, in an attempt to boost tourism to the Widi Reserve.

This presents a rare opportunity for investors to sustainably develop an untouched tropical ecosystem. The atoll features more than 100 uninhabited tropical islands fringed by 150km of white sand beaches, coral reefs and deep, nutrient-rich waters. It is located to the north-east of Bali, in the heart of the Coral Triangle in the far east of Indonesia.

Widi Reserve is set within a 315,654-hectare Marine Protected Area and includes rainforests, mangroves, turquoise lagoons, lakes and beaches. The sale is being handled by Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions, in co-operation with JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group. It will open on December 8 and conclude on December 14. No reserve price has been set.

This island chain is one of the most intact coral atoll ecosystems left on the planet. It is home to hundreds of rare and endangered species, including blue whales, whale sharks and 600 documented species of marine mammals, fish, birds, insects and lizards.

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The atoll is home to 600 documented species of marine mammals, fish, birds, insects and lizards. Photo: Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions

The waters around the Widi Reserve have not been subject to any human interference, such as deep-sea drilling or busy fishing lanes. As a result, it is still a thriving birthing, mating and resting place for countless species.

While Indonesian law does not allow for the direct private ownership of its islands, there is the opportunity for investors to acquire a stake in PT Leadership Islands Indonesia. The entity has spent several years master-planning, designing and licensing one of the most environmentally sensitive low-density luxury resort and residential developments in the world.

There are currently more than 10,000 hectares available for eco-conscious development. The maximum capacity has been set at 500 keys, spread across 17 islands, including eco-lodges and private island estates.

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Design studio Bensley has designed three potential eco-resorts for the reserve. Photo: Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions

Design studio Bensley has already designed three potential eco-resorts for the reserve. While these designs may be used by the future buyer, the option also exists to start a new design vision from scratch.

“The Widi Reserve is truly one of the most beautiful sights in all of Asia. It has been an honour to work with this team to create a unique vision of eco-resorts specifically for Widi,” said Bill Bensley, founder of Bensley. “We look forward to the future of what the Reserve becomes and the opportunity to participate in the process.”

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