Indonesia Makes Visiting More Attractive For Indian Travellers

Indonesia is offering travellers a five-year multiple-entry visa in a bid to increase tourist arrivals

In many ways, it’s a wonderful time to be a traveller, and especially to be an Indian traveller who wants to explore the world closer around our country. Many nations around India are offering desi travellers incentives in terms of making it easier for us to enter their countries. Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia, for example, have majorly eased up on visa restrictions and would like you to visit many times over in the most hassle-free way. 


Now Indonesia has joined the tourism bandwagon, offering five-year multiple-entry visas in order to appeal to global visitors and give its tourism sector a boost. This significant change in the visa policy allows visitors to explore the SouthEast Asian country for a maximum of 60 days over a period of five years. Previously, Indonesia offered a 30-day single entry tourist visa, which was extendable by an additional 30 days and came with limitations for those who wanted to stay longer or to make multiple entries.

Additionally, travellers now also enjoy the convenience of applying for the visa online, and be able to pay with a credit card. 

Indonesia is the largest island country in the world and offers a fascinating mixed bag of attractions for travellers, especially in the areas of culture and nature. Travellers love Bali and Ubud, and the Raja Ampat Islands (above) are believed to record the highest level of marine life diversity in the world. The country also cocoons 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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