Green economy, new capital Nusantara among areas discussed with Indonesia, says PM Lee after leaders’ retreat

Mr Lee described Singapore’s relationship with Indonesia, its biggest neighbour, as “a very important” one.

“I hope from Indonesia’s point of view, they find it a valuable relationship to them too.”

He noted that both countries have been able “to do a lot together and to keep the relationship in good shape” over the last 20 years while he was in office.

“(This means) that we can have resolved problems; we’ve moved forward on cooperation; we have specific projects which are yielding results,” said the Prime Minister.

“Where there have been issues which have had to be dealt with, we’ve been able to deal with them appropriately and in a manner which keeps the overall relationship stable and resolves the specific problems.”

Good relations between Singapore and Indonesia also “make a difference” for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), by enabling the 10-member bloc to play its role as a hub for broader regional cooperation and strengthening “ASEAN centrality”.

“I very much hope and I’m confident that this will continue with the next Singapore (Prime Minister) and the next Indonesian President,” he said.

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