Chinese woman falls to tragic death in Indonesia’s active volcano, was trying to click pictures

New Delhi: Tragedy struck Indonesia’s East Java island after a Chinese woman lost her life by falling to her death in one of the active volcanoes of the Ijen volcano complex in Banyuwangi, Indonesia.

The disturbing incident occurred on April 20th, 2024 when an unfortunate tourist named Huang Lihong (31) ascended the slope accompanied by her husband to witness the sunrise from the volcano’s upper edge.

However, as the lady was taking photographs on the mount’s rim, she accidentally stepped on a part of her dress which caused her to lose balance & fall 250 feet deep inside the Volcano’s mouth.

During the time of the mishap, a local tour guide was also there with the couple who reportedly also warned Lihong multiple times to stay at a safe distance from the crater’s edge.

Last Photograph before tragic demise


Meanwhile, a picture of Lihong, taken just moments before her chilling death, is now doing rounds on the internet.

The viral snippet shows the deceased Chinese citizen standing in front of the steam & sulphuric gas rising from the volcano, posing for the camera with her right leg raised in a long blue dress which soon became a reason for her tragic demise.

Body Recovered

Following Huang Lihong’s free-fall to her death, local authorities soon deployed a team of workers to find her mortal remains & take them to a safe zone.

After two hours of struggle & desperate attempts, the rescue team finally managed to recover her body which will now be taken to the Indonesian capital Bali before eventually being transported to her country China.

 About Mount Ijen

Mount Ijen is one of the many volcanos part of the Ijen volcano compound that falls between Bondowoso Regency and Banyuwangi Regency located on East Java Island. It has a huge 2,369 feet diameter with a sharp depth that can be 202 meters deep at max.

Thanks to its majestic beauty and breathtaking presence, it attracts a lot of visitors who come to witness its acidic crater lake and phenomenal Blue fire effect caused by the sulphuric gases pouring out from the mouth of Carter.

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