Cappadocia attracts record number of visitors in January

Cappadocia – a well-known tourist destination in central Türkiye famous for its surreal landscape with intricate rock formations – attracted a record-breaking number of visitors in January this year, with 174,222 tourists visiting the region.

Known for its rich history, culture and natural beauty, the region continues to be a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists.

According to the Nevşehir Governor’s Office, the most popular attractions in the region were the Zelve Archaeological Site, which saw 49,467 visitors, followed by the Göreme Open Air Museum with 48,287 visitors and the Kaymaklı Underground City with 27,113 visitors.

These numbers reflect a significant increase in tourism compared to previous years, with 123,244 tourists visiting the museums and ruins in January 2023, 159,245 tourists in 2020, 42,560 tourists in 2021 and 88,677 tourists in 2022.

Nevşehir Governor Inci Sezer Becel expressed optimism for the upcoming tourist season, saying that the number of visitors to the region is already showing a positive trend.

“Our expectation for 2023 is to break records in terms of tourist numbers, and the increase in interest in Cappadocia is driving this growth,” said Becel.

“Last year’s results in the latter months of 2022 have given us reason to believe that our prediction will become a reality. January’s numbers alone have doubled compared to the previous year, and we hope to see this upward trend continue in the coming months.”

Foreign and local tourists speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) also expressed pleasure in visiting the famed region.

Indonesian tourist Asman Dau was left captivated by Cappadocia’s unique nature, describing the region as “magnificent” and praising its historical buildings for their “astonishing appearance.”

Dau added that he intends to share his experience with friends back home through the photos he took.

Muda Yadav, another Indonesian visitor, was impressed by the well-preserved frescoes in the rock-carved churches and appreciated the opportunity to examine the remains of the region.

Taha Berk Ceylan, visiting from Türkiye’s southern Mersin with friends, was struck by the region’s beauty, having only seen photos before.

He expressed a desire for others to experience Cappadocia for themselves.

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