Beautiful island is one of the world’s ‘most overcrowded tourist destinations’ | Travel News | Travel

Bali is one of the world’s dreamiest beach destinations and the Indonesian island has long attracted backpackers, tourists and digital nomads to its shores.

However, the pretty paradise may have become a “victim of its own success” according to a travel blogger who spoke to .

Nick Kembel, a travel expert and blogger at Taiwan Obsessed, told that Bali has been “completely overrun”.

He said: “I think Bali is one of the most overtouristed destinations in the world right now. The Indonesian island has become a victim of its own success, attracting Instagram crowds seeking the perfect beach photo against a backdrop of lush rice paddies and Hindu temples.

“However, this surge in tourism has led to strained infrastructure, environmental issues and the loss of cultural traditions.

“On my travels to Bali over the years, it’s clear that certain areas are completely overrun, lacking the tranquillity and charm that initially put Bali on the map.”

More than five million foreign tourists travelled to Bali in 2023, which has a population of just four million.

The island has suffered several tourist scandals in recent years and a tourist was slammed for posing naked in front of a sacred tree in 2023.

Officials are attempting to crackdown on bad behaviour and have spoken about potentially banning tourists from using motorbikes.

The island has just introduced a tourist tax which international visitors will have to pay before entry.

Despite the crowds, Nick said there are still a few areas of the island where it’s possible to see the “real Bali”.

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