Liverpool-based Vector Consumer making global waves in the Health & Beauty industry

Their desire to maintain a global outlook, Managing Director, Matt Banks-Crompton, says “We always set out to create brands that have fans on a global scale and not just a UK one. By doing this we have managed to ‘go beyond’ and concentrate on markets where ‘Made in the UK’ and being a British brand really resonates highly with customers”.

Despite this rapid international success, Vector Consumer are deeply proud of their local roots and balance a strong hometown passion with a truly global ambition. This approach has helped them to forge key partnerships around the world with companies who share similar ideals and aspirations. An example of this can be seen with the launch of an entire officially licensed Liverpool FC sport and wellness range in China and across South-East Asia.

The collaboration resulted in a variety of sports nutrition and health supplement products being specifically developed for the Asian market, which is home to 300 million Liverpool FC supporters, and the range can be found in some of the world’s leading retail outlets as well as on T-Mall Global, the world’s largest online marketplace. Rather than simply leaning on the ‘LFC’ brand name, Vector Consumer paid close attention to the local preferences, tastes and lifestyles of Asian consumers to create a range of products capable of achieving long-term success. As a result, the LFC range was shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Sports Nutrition category of the 2022 Nutra Ingredients Asia Awards, which recognises true innovation and cutting-edge research in supplements and nutrition.

It is this ability to tap into market trends and insights that has seen the rise of Vector Consumer within the global healthcare industry. The firm are also responsible for the launch of sustainable beauty brand SOLV in the UK, the UAE, China, Australia and Chemist Warehouse in New Zealand. The eco-beauty brand is a showcase of both their technical expertise and their marketing capabilities, creating a fashionable ‘on-the-go’ range of products specifically targeting millennials and gen Z consumers.

The brand will soon also be available in Europe, South Africa and the US. In just a few years, Vector Consumer have launched a number of global brands that demonstrate both their incredibly consistency and diversity when it comes to healthcare brand creation. Diversity in relation to the nature of the products and intended target audiences, but consistency when it comes to creating innovative and disruptive challenger brands, time and time again. The Liverpool-based firm have channelled all the energy, passion and spirit of their hometown to help them imagine and deliver impactful brands capable of leading the global market, both now and in the future. “And the best part”, according to Matt Banks-Crompton, “is that we are only just getting started”.

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